Monday, February 04, 2019

The Clann Agreement to Speak to Members of Al Rashid Mosque Made in Bad Faith

Last week the Clann which is an amalgam of the Wolves of Odin (which was formerly the Soldiers of Odin), Patriot Pride Canada, Canadian Infidels, Odin's Heathens, and a partridge in a pear tree harassed members of an Edmonton mosque. They claimed to be innocent lambs there only to ask questions and to use the toilet, though it seems rather odd that someone would preemptively broadcast his visit to said toilet and dare the media to report on it.... almost as if it was all a ruse to create both controversy and plausible deniability:

It is also hard to believe that they were the open-minded fellas they claimed to have been who simply wanted to discuss a holy book when one of the photos they proudly posted included this one....

.... as well as posting images such as this on your Twitter account three days later....

.... and posting a map of Edmonton-area mosques three days prior to the visit....

.... and finally a call to recruit "surveillance units and "gray men" to support the cause:

Ryan Dean really wants to play at being a soldier, though he would
never pass the physical or any of the psychological tests. 

The video that Tyson Hunt posted of the encounter outside Al Rashid Mosque was rather interesting. Both Hunt and Dean appear to believe that the video made them look reasonable and the two men speaking to them appear like fanatics:

Alternate title for screen shot: "Muslim Wearing Pants Is Scary"

In fact, the video posted by Hunt indicates a spectacular amount of patience on the part of the two men who spoke to Hunt and Dean:

Of course, Ryan Dean (who operates the Clann Twitter account) considers that they are the REAL victims because they are white.... all the while accusing the people they harassed at Al Rashid Mosque of playing the victim card:

And of course, they are also angry at the media for reporting on the story in a way that didn't make them appear as if they were the heroes of the story:

Yeah, they're such martyrs.

Two journalists have borne the brunt of Ryan Dean's missives. Carly Robinson first encountered Dean and the members of what would eventually be the Clann in December when she was pushed around by their members at a Yellow Vest protest in Edmonton. Dean zeroed in on her because she's a woman and he's an angry, bitter, misogynist:

In December Dean was angry at the media and claimed he would never talk to them. When Ms. Robinson reported on the Clann's harassment of the members of the mosque, Dean was angry because he claimed the media didn't try to speak to him (which given the interviews Hunt did appears to be a rather transparent lie:

The other journalist Dean has been attacking is Omar Mosleh of the "Edmonton StarMetro." Mr. Mosleh had been reporting on the activities of Dean, Hunt, and the other members of the Clann which brought him to Dean's attention:

There is "media" that Dean does seem to like, the alt-right, ethnic-nationalist Free Bird Media as well as Rebel Media and Spencer Fernando whom Dean calls on for support:

I suppose it also isn't a surprise that Dean would think Max Bernier would also be interested. Dean is a supporter of the PPC:

I mean, Tyson Hunt did attend a recent Bernier speech in Edmonton in January as evidenced by the video he posted (it is quite long):

Dean might not be as happy with Rebel Media these days however:

Getting back to the harassment at Al Rashid Mosque, Dean was actually pleased by an article written by Mr. Mosleh yesterday:

The folks at Al Rashid Mosque invited Hunt, Dean, and presumably other members of the Clann to speak to them and ask the questions that they claim to have.

Now while the members of the mosque made the invitation out of a spirit of good will and in good faith, I'm far more cynical:

#Winning, like Charlie Sheen.

As it turns out and rather unsurprisingly, it appears based on Dean's posts this evening my cynicism was well founded:

Yeah, there's nothing about Dean, Hunt, or the Clann that is remotely good faith.

Don't ask the question if you aren't prepared for the answer Ryan.

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