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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Paulie Doesn't Bother Fact Checking

We haven't made fun of Paulie for at least a few days now, but just when we're starting to get a bit twitchy, Paulie comes through for us in a big way:

We really don't know why he continues to post pictures of himself that makes him appear as a buffoon, but we ain't going to complain about it. This particular photo was posted along with a story, one which he also posted on the White News Now forum, which purports to show that Canadian politicians are stupid. His brief commentary precedes the, "inside information" from a WestJet employee:

Hmmm, we wonder if Paulie is projecting a little here? After all, what can one say about the intelligence of a man who ran in a municipal election in Ontario on an anti-immigration platform (in spite of that being a federal issue, though he did say that if he were elected mayor he would set up camp in front of Parliament and stay there until his concerns were addressed... meaning the day to day business of the city would be ignored), and then in a little over 7 months running federally in Calgary for a western separatist party (though he does not live in the city himself):


While we here at the Collective often question the wisdom and intelligence of some of our elected officials, when we read this post by Paulie, something didn't quite seem right. We sat their scratching our heads, containing our decidedly inferior, un-Aryan, pinko-commie brains and thought to ourselves, "That seems a little far fetched. Surely the Great Leader of the Canadian, "WN" movement wouldn't post something as being true which, if easily falsified, would make him look like a naive fool, right?"

Oh, Paulie! It really isn't that hard to make sure the information you're providing your gullible sheep is accurate:


It sort of makes one wonder how many other stories Paulie has told people have been wrong? You know, like this:

Or this:
Or how about this?
Maybe this too?
Of course there is also his long support for Kyle McKee and the violent racists around whom he associates:
And my god, do we even have to mention the Michelle Erstikaitis fiasco?

And... well... it's a long list, isn't it?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, he who smelt it - dealt it! Who takes this guy seriously? Talk about "pride" when you look like you slept in your suit... jeez man.