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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Nazi Mom Interviewed on CBC Radio.

We haven't heard much from "Nazi Mom" in a while now, aside from a single Facebook conversation she participated in. But yesterday we learned that an updated story and interview would be on CBC Radio's, "The World This Weekend." Our readers can listen to the program by clicking this link here. The "Nazi Mom" segment starts at 19:35.

A brief synopsis: "Nazi Mom" is trying to win back custody of her children, however she's taking a rather novel approach in her efforts. Instead of cleaning herself up and dissociating herself from the movement that resulted in the trouble in the first place (though there was the presence of drugs and alcohol in the household, the general neglect, the arrest for theft and the other factors that played a significant role in the removal of the children), "Nazi Mom" instead has subscribed to the Bill Noble school of judicial strategy and is simply claiming that the law doesn't apply to her.

Yep, "Nazi Mom" has gone all sovereign citizen, or detaxer, on us.

Uhm, yeah. Let us know how that turns out (as you have already spent time in jail as a result of your harassment, we can save everyone the time and just write that it ain't going to go well).

UPDATE: At 7:34, one can also hear a shortened version of the story by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Once again another Nazi proves how bat-shit crazy they are!

Anonymous said...

My sister has a friend who is a sovereign citizen and he is a pretty cool guy over all, my sister herself has even considered it, or at least found the idea interesting. The thing is, yeah if you aren't going to use the roads nor the schools nor the hospitals nor anything government funded then yeah sure, don't pay taxes I don't care, if you aren't using anything that taxes are going toward then you aren't cheating me or any other citizen (however I met my sister's friend in a bar which he had no other method of getting to besides public roads, I'd really like to meet a sovereign that has actually managed to truly become sovereign and not just some deadbeat avoiding taxes). My main issue with the sovereign movement is just this, where they think that just because they feel they have separated from the state they have no law. Laws are there for a reason, some are rather dumb, sure, but just because you want to opt out of being Canadian doesn't mean you can neglect your kids or rob your neighbour, etc. You don't want to participate in society? Fine, whatever. You don't want to follow completely logical and reasonable laws? Move your ass to Somalia.

Anonymous said...

More news about Nazi mom......
A alcoholic thief.Degenerate parent.Kids are better off without her.Maybe her and bill noble can make some babies that look like Gollem.

Anonymous said...

You guys should really start covering her by her name when it doesn't involve her kids. I'm sure there are plenty who wouldn't mind finding out who Bill's future P.I.C is.