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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Part I: The "Mainstream" Right React to Jack Layton's Passing (Resposes Vary)

Most, though not all, members of the Collective are supporters of the NDP. We know, you're absolutely shocked by this revelation, we're sure. Anyways, although it had been expected, Jack Layton's death hit us pretty hard. We were however heartened to see the outpouring of genuine affection and gratitude directed at a man who spent his life in public service and who tried to make Canada better. Across the political spectrum, on the right to the left, people have been paying tribute to Jack.

We were curious to see what the right were saying and took a look on the Free Dominion boards. We were pleased to see that in spite of our SIGNIFICANT ideological differences (and God knows they are no friends of this blog) we saw that we could find some common ground in paying respect to a man who, agree with him or not, was true to his convictions and who courageously fought a terrible disease with dignity.

To those posters on Free Dominion who acted in a humane manner, you should be commended. But really? You had to get in this dig?

So, you mean classy "conservatives" like this, right?



Or how about the Christine Blatchford article? Or perhaps the Mike Strobel article (in this case, as bad as the article is, the comments are far, far more despicable)?

Here's the point. Let's not play the, "who is the bigger douchebag?" game. You want to point to classless "lefties" who celebrate the death of conservatives? Fine, but please don't try to claim the moral high ground when many on your side are as bad and can just as often be worse.

And whether you accept this or not (and sadly we suspect that you won't), the members of this blog wouldn't rejoice in or celebrate the death of Harper, Kenney, Ford, the Fourniers or any other conservative, regardless of our fundamental and real differences (our resident conservative Sparkie not withstanding). Nor would most of the, "lefties" that we know.


Anonymous said...

I really, really liked Jack Layton even though I am more (slightly) right leaning. His last press conference kicked me in the gut. He was so brave and optimistic, even though I think everyone "knew." Hands down, he's the only Canadian politician that made one feel like he was sincere. Besides that, he really wiped that condescending smirk off of Ignatieff's face! And I'll bet he gave Harper a near heart attack, because he wasn't going to play the usual game on the hill. He was alright, and anyone who didn't get a lump in their throat while watching his wife approach his casket is truly soul-less.

Anonymous said...

WOW the far-right are cold.