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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Part II: And How Does the Extreme Right React to Jack Layton's Passing? Exactly How You Would Expect

In our last article, we discussed briefly the reaction of those one might consider to be "mainstream" conservatives to the news of Jack Layton's death. Those reactions seem to range from sincere admiration for a respected adversary to general douchebaggery. However we didn't discuss the reaction of those we cover on this blog.

Yep, the boneheads have something to say too.

There is a belief that one can measure the worth of a person by the respect that his or her ideological opponents has for that person. In all likelihood, this was intended to apply to ideological opponents who are mainstream and here Jack fares very well. However, we at ARC believe that one can measure the worth of a person by how hated that person is by the most vile, loathsome elements of our society.

What comes next is disturbing, but we actually chose to look at it another way. The reason why they hate Jack is because he was everything they aren't. Jack Layton was a respected public figure who was able to affect positive change in Canada. Jack reminds them of how despised and impudent that they are. No, "White Nationalist" will ever win public office running on a, "White Nationalist" platform. They will not lead a major political party to the doors of political power. They will not influence government decision making. When they die, there will not be an outpouring of public affection and admiration and they certainly will not receive a state funeral. They will be forgotten.

Don't believe me boneheads? Tell us how many people know who Adrien Arcand was? Hell, most of you might not even know. Do you think the average Canadian will know who he was? Or who John Ross Taylor was? Jacob Prins? Wolfgang Droege?

And those that are still alive. How long will it be before Paul Fromm, Don Andrews, Martin Weiche and John Beattie are forgotten once they shuffle off their mortal coil? How many know these names now?

Jack's life reminds them of their own futility. He reminds them they they are failures. And they hate that.


By the way, a reminder that "bon89",the man (a term we use merely as a legal descriptor) who wants to see children suffer is John Marleau. He, who despite being in his early 20s still has managed to amass a considerable criminal record and who has in the past had a great deal of difficulty holding down a job (perhaps that has changed now?). A person who continues to comment on the physical appearance of those he dislikes (different race, system of beliefs, etc) even though this paragon of Aryan manliness looks like this:


We imagine he made that comment because he wants us to start paying attention to him again. Mission accomplished John. :)


"Nazi Mom" (fyi, keep an eye on your credit card if you're around her) and Bill, "I live in a van, down by the river" Noble also get a swipe in:

Thanks for the help finding this Anthony. Now, try to guess which one of your friends that we are. ;-)

We'll finish with what we think is perhaps the best compliment the boneheads can pay to Jack:

If you're hated by the miscreants of society, odds are that you've done something right in your life.

Jack has done a lot of things that are right.

Thanks Jack.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Marleau, if you can read this, read careful. Next time I'll walk my dog and see you shy away like a little sissy girl I won't hold it back.

Nothing will be more satisfying than pulling out my cell and filming how you whine and flinch because you are afraid of a little pup.

I will provide it here and even register on Stormfront and post the video there so all your bonehead friends can see what a 'brave fighter' you are.

Nothing will be more satisfying then seeing you suffer and then say how it's all 'fake' and 'made up', but the pictures and video won't lie.

Racists deserve no sympathy!

PS: I've printed out your statement and will show it to your dad, prepare for a spanking, you naughty silly boy.