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Sunday, October 13, 2019

A Deep Dive into The Federal Conservative Party

Given the election date is fast approaching I thought I'd do a little bit of a deep dive into the federal Conservative Party:

ARC has spent a great deal of time focusing on the bigots, extremists, and conspiracy theorists firmly ensconced in Max Bernier's PPC, however the stories that have broken during the election remind us that racism is a problem in all of the major political parties just as it is for society as a whole despite an at best naive and at worst willfully ignorant belief that racism doesn't exist in this country:

APTN News has noted that Scheer's spokesperson denied this took place, that Mr. Myke Agecoutay has declined to comment to provide any proof of his assertion, and that the post has been deleted. However regardless of whether or not Scheer himself said this, this is an attitude that too many living in this country still hold.

A further and more pressing concern however might be the unwillingness of the Conservative Party to push back against bigotry for political expedience. The following example is instructive:

Long-time readers will remember Steven Myatt's efforts to have Justin Trudeau arrested and tried for treason via a class action lawsuit because, you know, he actually thought that was how it worked. The effort was laughable and all that the people who contributed ultimately thousands of dollars to the cause received was the knowledge that they allowed Myatt to travel around the country and eventually settle in Calgary where he has since "retired" from political activism; his supporters have seemingly forgotten this particular initiative in the meantime.

I don't doubt that Mr. Scheer probably thought that Myatt's proposal was ridiculous, however it appears instead of calling him out, he seems to have placated Myatt by outwardly entertaining an effort he knew was fevered conspiracy rantings that have no place being humored in political discourse.

And why did Mr. Scheer appear to humour Myatt then if Myatt's claim is to be believed?

My guess is that Scheer didn't want to alienate prospective Conservative voters. Voters such as these:

By not telling Myatt his efforts were off base and that he wouldn't support him, Scheer allowed people who have been calling for, in some cases, the extrajudicial killing of the prime minister to feel that Scheer was on their side.

Another example occurred last year when Trudeau called out a heckler during a stop at a farm in Quebec. Diane Blain shouted loaded questions during the event, including referring to, "Québécois de souche" (white French Quebecers). The term Québécois de souche has racist connotations in the province as it refers to those regarded as "pure" (meaning white) as true Québécois. Basically this it the Québécois version of "old stock Canadian" that we heard during the 2015 election. In fact a well known racist group in the province, Fédération des Québécois de Souche (FQS), uses the term in their name:
In 2012, they demonstrated against the "denationalization" of culture. In 2013, anti-immigration flyers, signed FQS, were distributed in Chicoutimi. The following year, the organization's stickers indicating "0% halal, 0% kosher, 100% Quebec" were affixed in several places in the same borough of Saguenay. More recently, it was Sherbrooke's turn to see the FQS stickers . 
Their mission: to defend the ethnic interests of native Quebeckers, descendants of the settlers who populated Quebec a few hundred years ago. To protect Quebec's heritage, the FQS is opposed to "mass" immigration, to the point where it would support any political party proposing to put an end to it, "whether it be left, center or right Explained spokesperson Rémi Tremblay, in an interview with VICE.
In fact Blain appears to have had connection to at least two Quebec far-right groups including La Meute:

Source: Montreal Simon

Mr. Scheers was quick to jump to the defence of Ms. Blain stating that her questions, which I'll remind readers included the phrase Québécois de souche, claiming that she had legitimate questions:

Another Conservative MP later echoed the same questions as Ms. Blain:

"I totally support what she says unless people find it offensive in which case I totally reject it!"

I would suggest this as a clear example of trying to suck and blow at the same time.

Now while I wouldn't expect Mr. Scheer to have any idea who Steven Myatt or a member of La Meute might be when he has a photo taken with them, he can't argue ignorance when he attends an event organized by Islamophobes and racists such as the Convoy to Ottawa which presented itself as a pro-pipeline event....

....but which in fact featured xenophobes and conspiracy theorists:

This of course brings up another connection:

While Goldy is much more of an overt white nationalist now.... 

.... she was already pushing far-right narratives and anti-Muslim conspiracy theories while working as for Ezra Levant's Rebel Media prior to her dismissal for appearing on a neo-Nazi podcast after the Charlottesville rally. That fact didn't stop Scheer or other members of the Conservative Party from courting her and The Rebel:

It was only after Charlottesville that the Goldy and Rebel brand became toxic:

However it wasn't so toxic that Mr. Scheer didn't decide to bring a founder of The Rebel onto his senior adviser staff:

Hamish Marshall is only one of the people on Mr Scheer's senior staff who are of concern:

ARC has written about Georganne Burke on a few occasions:
I also believe ARC broke a story involving Burke's membership on a number of Facebook hate groups including the World Wide Coalition Against Islam:

And in news that should surprise no one, she pushes the Soros conspiracy narrative:

Ms. Burke is still very much involved in the Conservative campaign:

Then there are the candidates past and present:

That's okay though. Mr. Scheer suggests that after an apology everything is forgiven:

Or not apologize:

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