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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Kevin Goudreau "Election Analysis": Narcissism is a virtue

As ARC members have continued to watch the reaction of the far-right to last week's election, we continue to see for the most part equal parts denial, anger, infighting, and dissemination of conspiracy theories. Still, there are those who are attempting to take advantage of the anger and spin it in such a was as to benefit themselves such as those who are pushing for the separation of Alberta specifically (and the Western provinces generally) through the new-ish Wexit movement. YVCE have already shown how individuals associated with movements such as the Yellow Vests and others have started pushing for separation because, you know, patriots! They have also shown that overt racists such as those on Stormfront have plans to co-opt the movement to push for an all white ethno-state:

Given the wasteland that Stormfront is these days, especially the Canadian section of Stormfront, I'm not sure they would muster a baker's dozen never mind the tens of thousands proposed so I might suggest they curb their enthusiasm.

Also expressing his excitement over the results in one Kevin "No Show" Goudreau who is trying to put a positive spin on the results:

Now before anyone asks if "No Show" has a been consistent on this message, one would best look at his previous posts on both Stormfront and Gab where he:

1. Predicts a PPC majority in July.

2. Predicts a Conservative Party government in October.

Yeah.... I'd say keep your day job Kevin but, well, you'd have to have a job first.

In any case some of the members like "No Show's" plucky optimism:

Others though?

Not so much:

It seems that "No Show" is trying to claim that there has been a mass uprising of far-right activists in every city when in truth the numbers of protesters, already quite small, has been dwindling with each event for months.

Other's aren't buying it either:

This is the point in the story where Kevin inevitably starts praising his inherent greatness and threatening his detractors with sever, though vague, reprisals. He starts out by suggesting that he has personally radicalized large numbers of individuals who had actually already been radicalized:

And when called out....

.... claims to be the leader of a large, though strangely invisible, horde of Aryan warriors:

At this point "No Show" goes full Goudreau claiming to be the greatest recruiter for the cause of white nationalism in history, a leader respected by all who meet him, and unfairly maligned by the media who fear his political acumen and his future success as a politician.

To those unfamiliar with Goudreau yes, he actually seems to believe this all:

See! He has a good "rapor" with people! We know this because he says so!

But I would be remiss if I didn't note that his claim he doesn't show off his swastika tattoo on his nearly concave chest isn't exactly true and that he still sort of does it at the drop of a hat:

And don't think it hasn't been noticed by others as well:

This brings us to the point in the show where he brags about his superior intellect and issues vague threats:

Oh yes.... the demon....

I mean, at this point we have to assume that "No Show" is a masochist because he has to enjoy continuously being emasculated and humiliated.

Now we at ARC have certainly suggested that "No Show" is delusional, but I also happen to agree that narcissist is also accurate given the long, long, LONG history of our collecting self-aggrandizing screen shots and videos that bare little connection to his sad little life. It seems that "No Sow" also agrees, but he actually considers it to be a compliment and that it is an indication of his strength.

No, really.


You know, you have to be pretty out there if what you write on Stormfront makes other Stormfront members appear lucid and clear thinking by comparison:

Now I could probably post dozens of screen shots and/or videos of Goudreau that would illustrate every single point here, but let's just provide a recent one (I mean, aside from the examples from this own thread) that makes the point rather effectively:

He actually expects people to believe this.

This guy:

Yes, this guy.

I mean.... dude....

Now to be sure there were those who jumped to defend "No Show":

But Stormfront Canada moderator Bill Noble, who is aware of who "No Show" is, basically writes, "meh, whatcha gonna do?"

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