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Thursday, October 03, 2019

The CNP Eligible For Official Party Status Part IV: The Message Board

It has been two weeks since ARC published the list of members of the Canadian Nationalist Party, a list that includes neo-Nazis Paul Fromm and Jody Issel, Faith Goldy supporter (and Max Bernier bodyguard apparently) Darik Horn, and Islamophobe Kevin Johnston among others such as this fella who sent us some fan mail:

At the time of the publication of the membership list CNP leader Travis Patron was the only member running:

There's now a second individual running, this one in Toronto:

Gus Stefanis has acted as a spokesperson for the CNP as well as attending numerous Yellow Vests and Pegida events. He was present in Hamilton when Yellow Vesters and anti-LGBTQ "preachers"were harassing participants at the Pride event....

.... and a Pegida Canada event where he along with other CNP members, Proud Boys, Northern Guard and Soldiers of Odin members, was involved in the burning of a copy of the Quran:

So with that in mind, I thought it might be instructive to discuss what they talk about behind closed doors so-to-speak:

I have to confess that I hadn't paid a lot of attention to the CNP message board assuming it would be rather moribund like most other neo-Nazi message boards. While that it true for the most part after having taken a look it turns out that there are some interesting things to be found there, such as the CNP take on the Christchurch murders and an acknowledgement that the alleged murderer and the CNP were ideologically in agreement while also engaging in the usual conspiracy theories:

It is clear that Patron had posted his views concerning the murders, however he appears to have deleted anything that he had posted. However he still appears as a quote in another response and that alone is rather damning:

We can also talk about the CNP view of women which is rather telling:

Then there is the desire to engage in outreach to German-Canadians which mirrors Paul Fromm's claims about rampant "German bashing" in Canada because of things such as Holocaust education (fyi as a German-Canadian, this writer has never felt "bashed" in the slightest):

Immigration and multiculturalism? Well....

They also favorably discuss the widely condemned Hecht oped originally published by Vancouver Sun:

There's a fair about of conspiracy rantings including suggestions that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is part of an international pedophile ring which mirrors what the QAnon wack-a-doodles are ranting about:

There's more of course and I will certainly post more here.

On the older and more infamous forum Stormfront we get a true sense of the people who would find the message of the CNP appealing:

Right, these two:

Shall we continue with this particular Stormfront thread?

So yeah....

And the CNP continues to claim they aren't neo-Nazis?

I think the saying, "don't piss on my and tell me that it is raining" applies here.


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