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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Gifters (Allegedly) Gotta Grift: Pako Dallaire Falls Out With Steven Myatt

It has been quite a long time since ARC has devoted an article specifically focusing on Steven Ponzi Madoff Lustig McCloundy Myatt. In fact it has been more than half a year since ARC devoted an article to the man who began the quixotic quest to launch a class action lawsuit to have Prime Minister Trudeau charged with treason almost two years ago because.... you know.... that's how he and his supporters think these things work:

During the months Myatt was supposedly organizing this effort, he traveled across the country meeting with far-right groups such as the Soldiers of Odin and the Northern Guard in order to garner their support which, not surprisingly, was given without reservation:

He also managed to score a bit of a public relations coup (at least in the eyes of his credulous supporters) when he was able to meet briefly with Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer in Red Deer:

It doesn't matter if this "meeting" with Scheer was simply a brief exchange in a hallway. All that mattered was that Scheer apparently didn't shut down Myatt and that a photo was taken of the encounter, all of which further emboldened Myatt's supporters and encouraged them to donate more money to what was in reality a hopeless cause. And to be sure the naive and the gullible continued to fall for the grift:

Now it would be wrong to suggest that Myatt had been able to hoodwink everyone. In fact there was some push-back from others within the far-right, ethnic nationalist, anti-government movement that was so closely tied to Islamophobia, anti-semitism, xenophobia, and racism. Myatt responded by questioning the patriotism of his detractors and basically siccing his true believers on them:

By this point readers will have noticed that one of Myatt's supporters, Pako Dallaire, is featured rather prominently in these screen shots. Dallaire, who based on previous statements is now 73 or 74 years old, isn't just a supporter. She is the one who was given the responsibility of handling the money raised for Myatt:

Dallaire was also very active on Facebook advocating on Myatt's behalf. In this exchange in one of the groups created to promote the proposed class action lawsuit, Dallaire is one of the unhinged individuals who write about what they claim is psychological trauma brought about as a result of the Trudeau government:

With the background now established, let's move on to Myatt's last post on Facebook back on May 14, 2019:

I did notice when Myatt had posted this farewell originally but didn't bother doing anything with it at the time. I couldn't help noticing though that almost no one mentioned the proposed class action lawsuit, now rudderless, or the thousands of dollars raised ostensibly to hire an attorney to take on the case. Instead the sheep grateful supporters offered their gratitude for all the.... er.... hard work Myatt had done.... I guess? Here are a collection of such comments:

Again, I didn't really pay much attention to the comments either, however I perhaps should have as there was one notable omission amongst those Myatt thanks for their support.

That individual noticed as well:

Some of those who were critical of Myatt's efforts had suggested, since filing a class action lawsuit against Trudeau to have him charged with treason was laughable on the face of it, that Myatt's efforts might be much more self-serving. In fact Dallaire acting as the treasurer of the funds collected was used frequently as a means of dismissing those accusations since the money was an arm's length away.

And to be sure a fair amount of money was indeed collected via Go Fund Me:

So where did all the money go then?

One would think his supporters might be more curious about this question especially in light of the treasurer who was in theory responsible for the money now claiming fraud. Did Dallaire provide Myatt a personal loan or was it a loan from the funds collected for the lawsuit?

I early September, Dallaire attempted to contact Myatt again and this time as a result of an exchange with another individual we have been provided with further details:

While I'm sure the threat to take Myatt to court over this issue will likely not occur either, I do find it ironic that at this point the only person who may result in finding himself in a court room is Myatt himself.

Myatt isn't the first alleged grifter who took advantage of the incoherent rage of members of the far-right. Considering who we see as being involved in the #wexit movement, he certainly won't be the last either.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Speaking for myself, I find it difficult to read all these tweets from people whose brains seem to be being eaten alive by some some sort of parasite. So I skim them for evidence of logic beyond the warped outlook they seem to have, beyond the feeling of intense superiority they somehow feel to the rest of us plodders. What do they imagine life would be like if they were somehow allowed to be in charge? If by some stroke of wackiness, Canada turned into some white wonderland of Northern Vikings dismissive of all other races including First Nations, do they imagine everyone would suddenly be nice and tolerant towards each other? Their brains are full of fantasy, like walking talking daydreamers who strut around their noses in the air of imagined superiority. It's just another version of the serfs thinking they're all going to be lords of the manor, with no thought of anyone having to be the ditch diggers and dish washers in society.

If one looks back to England, prior to WW2, there were few "foreigners" wandering around. It was virtually all white people. So society decided to deride the Irish instead, many of whom had come to the country for work. The Scots and Welsh were next on the list for being not "quite" right followed by northern English working class whose accents seemed impenetrable to the imagined self-conceit of the cultured denizens of southern England, plus a lot of them were Roman Catholic which was just not regarded as "proper". I can say this having been born in Oxford just after WW2, and growing up surrounded by family from the upper and middle classes, until mercifully, we emigrated to Canada in the late 1950s for much the same reasons the Irish migrated to England - a decent standard of living. And got a grounding in living in a society where as immigrants, it took a while to be accepted for what we could contribute instead of our accents being derided. We were advised that Canada and the US were classless societies, a fiction of the first order, because we ended up in a place where the county was self-segregated into English, French and Black villages. The only plus was that in general there wasn't constant civil war, which meant American social psychiatrists were all over the place studying the phenomenon or lack of it, plus had summer homes for a spot of R & R. Many US citizens had summer homes in the area in those days, and tended to lord it over the locals by passing US dollars as currency, apparently entirely unconcerned with learning any of the local customs at all, and regarding us all as hayseeds. They'd stand there at stores proffering US five dollar bills and demanding the 15 cents exchange first, then staring at Canadian bills and coins in change as if it were play money from a fantasy world.

So my experience has been that there has probably always been jockeying for position in society, whether it be based on money, race, or religion. If it be raced-based alone, like these morons agitating white supremacy as the solution for all our ills, they seem so unaware of human nature they deny that nothing would improve after their pogroms.