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Saturday, November 18, 2017

I Don't Think Steven Myatt Likes ARC Anymore

ARC first became acquainted with Steven Alexander Wicket Chirpa Tokkat Zephee Gregory Myatt in reference to his involvement in the June 3 Ottawa anti-M103 rally that was being organized by Mike Waine. Myatt appeared to have been another individual who had taken a leadership role in spearheading this event which missed it's target of one million Canadians marching on Parliament by roughly 999,830 people.

If truth be told, I didn't really think of Myatt as being especially significant and that my references to him (I thought rather briefly) was to simply detail the kind of people involved in what I believed at the time and which was confirmed by the numbers who arrived in Ottawa as a bit of a fool's errand.

Myatt however was eventually provided the link to at least one of the three stories in which he was mentioned and decided that this was evidence that he had arrived as an important figure in the anti-Muslim/anti-government/alt-right movement:

Dude, I have few illusions concerning ARC's reach or influence. If you think being ARC famous is a big deal, you really do need to reevaluate your life goals.

Since then, Myatt has continued to mention on occasion his inclusion in an article published on this blog, and in general he seemed to be pleased as punch. As recently as September he was touting being referenced on ARC as something to maybe celebrate:

Well.... no. The article was about the Northern Guard; this is the only time Myatt was mentioned:
Last night Steven Alexander Gregory Dwalin Balin Gloin Dori Myatt posted a video of Georges Massaad interviewing Quebec Provincial Vice President Eric Brazeau. Brazeau, who among other things stated the Northern Guard are survivalists, claims that around 20 members will be participating in the Ottawa event to, "provide security."
Myatt did get some love though from a person familiar to ARC readers though who claimed that you know you've "arrived" when Anti-Racist Canada writes about you:

More on Goudreau later, though I would hasten to note that come the end of November Anti-Racist Canada will have been online for a decade. During all of those years fascists have been predicting our imminent demise. ARC however persists while many of our detractors have disappeared.

Now Myatt never seemed to care much about how people on ARC's side of the ledger viewed him and seems to have taken a rather perverse pleasure in going out of his way to offend people, though I should perhaps note here that his efforts to be controversial often appear rather forced and he looks to be trying too hard to really be taken very seriously:

For example, in a recent post Myatt seems to suggest that women don't know what is best for them and that they should defer to men who do, though not without a little bit of pushback:

He has however also become increasingly frustrated with Facebook as he claims to be having some of his posts flagged and removed:

It was about this time, perhaps as a result of frustration, a decision to try to use the courts to stifle examples of free expression he doesn't like, or the realization that "freedom of speech" doesn't mean "freedom from consequences" that he made this post on November 7 directed at this little spot on the Internet:

Okay, I admit it. I had a good laugh when I first read this and my amusement has yet to abate. Also, considering Myatt had bravely proactively blocked the ARC Facebook profile some time ago though I had never made the effort to engage with him using that profile (meaning he must have sought it out specifically to block), contacting him would have proven challenging anyways had I been inclined to jump at his command.

So, what is the reason for his legal threat?

Oh, so much to unpack here!

First, if one looks through the posts in which Myatt is mentioned, one will note that ARC has not referred to him as a Nazi and I don't believe he has been referred to as a white supremacist. Based on his own posts and whom he chooses to associate with though, I believe that characterizing him as a far-right, Islamophobic, bigot who seems comfortable associating with overt racists so long as their mutual goals are copacetic.

Second, I post screen shots of exactly what people post themselves. Is Myatt suggesting that he is being slandered for quoting exactly what he says? Isn't that the "proof" of the claims ARC makes that Myatt demands?

Third, it is difficult to take Myatt seriously when complaining about "fake news" when he posts verifiable false information in many cases even after that information has been proven false. Rather than "fake news," Myatt simply doesn't like information that contradicts what he believes to be true or which characterizes him in any way other than the heroic figure fighting the demon hordes of globalization that he thinks himself to be.

Finally, I have no idea to Lorraine Armstrong is and I'm guessing his she has been mentioned on the blog at all, it is as part of a screen grab from somewhere.

Myatt's Greek choir are very excited about this new venture and I've learned how much attention is being paid to lil' ol me:

Wait? A $5000 bounty on my head? Maybe I should out myself?

Point of fact though. I grew up on a farm outside Melita, though I did go to
school there. I'm also saddened that in their efforts to create my profile, they
failed to mention that I collect stamps, enjoy bird watching, and am a fan
of Paula Cole. My fvorite color is purple and my sign is Pisces. My turn-ons
include cuddling in front of a fire with hot chocolate. My turn-offs
are cold feet and ear hair.

"Go home goat fuckers!!"

I don't think you're helping Steven's case here.

Myatt has no defence because he has left a trail of bigotry that anyone can follow.

Same applies to Nick Gallant and his Northern Guard gang.

I love facts too. Facts like screen shots.

ARC has been around since November 2007; Justin Trudeau was elected in October 2015.
He's not paying us to do anything.... you must be thinking of George Soros. By the way, where
is my George Soros check? I've been waiting for months and it hasn't arrived yet!
So it goes without saying that ARC never contacted him. Given the empty nature of the threat, I figured that he would move on, but sure enough once that week deadline had passed by....

Of the replies Myatt received, I think I'll deal with three in no particular order:


I'm not sure how many times I've written that Jason Devine is not the writer for ARC. Neither is his wife Bonnie. In fact, here are all the names I've received (and I think I actually may be missing some) of people who are NOT writers for ARC but that some out there continue to insist are:

Jason, Bonnie, Andy, Shane, Marcell, Syed, Leah, Julian, Richard, Charles, Grace, Martin, Alan, Kevin (x2), Warren, Harry, Omer, and "two brothers in Calgary."

Jesus, my first name, Chris, has ACTUALLY been leaked as a result of sources poor security protocol! Get some better intel people!

The other two may also prove somewhat problematic for Myatt:

Derek "Whitey" Basque is correct that he's been mentioned on the blog a few times. It's hard to claim though that you aren't a supporter of National Socialism when you are quite literally seig heiling beside a Nazi flag:

And then, of course, there's Goudreau:

Oh yes, a class action suit. Truth be told, it would actually be a lot of fun to watch this guy try to claim he's been defamed by associated neo-Nazi beliefs:

In the meantime, Myatt is also a member of Goudreau's Canadian National Front's (formerly White National Front) Facebook group. While he may very well be there simply because he was added Goudreau and does not know much about the other members, he is currently keeping some interesting and somewhat notorious company while he remains in the group (red are known racists and people who are members of racist groups; those highlighted in yellow are parts of groups that are leaning in that direction as well or individuals who are on the cusp):

Now as humorous as all this might be, it might all be part of a new strategy Myatt has cooked up to silence his detractors. He certainly provided a hint before targeting ARC:

And sure enough, Myatt has bigger fish to fry than ARC:

Oh, this should be good!

Jesus.... he thinks he knows the law. He then might wish to let his followers know that posts like this commenting on his above rationale for suing the Canadian government might be crossing the line into illegality:

How come I feel Myatt is going to be the cause of a lot of suffering for his followers?

Right now I'm also watching a video posted earlier today by Ronny Cameron featuring Myatt speaking about his proposed "class action lawsuit" against the Canadian government as well as his beef with ARC. If it is entertaining, I'll post some clips later.


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