Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Proud Boys Threaten Vancouver Bar Staff

ARC had been following this story when it was making the rounds on social media, but this past weekend a Vancouver area member of the Proud Boys (for all intents and purposes a far right "alt-light" wannabe fight club) claims to have been assaulted in a Vancouver bar:

I find it interesting that no matter how many times Proud Boys finds themselves in a fight, they are always claiming to be the innocent party unreasonably attacked my antifa members. If I were cynical I might suggest that such encounters, if they occur as the PBs claim, are perhaps someone contrived. But perish the thought that a group that seems to revel in toxic masculinity would create a climate in which a member could achieve that 4th degree.

ARC contacted Vanessa, a staff member of the bar where the incident took place. Her account is as follows:
On October 14th, there was a group of 6-8 of them having a gathering at the bar. The event that night was a punk/indie rock show where a significant number of the artists and attendees were queer/LGBQT/femme identifying. I was made aware of their presence there by patrons who were concerned they were there to cause trouble. I told one of them they did not belong there, and they took their sweet time, but left without incident. 
Given the size of the bathroom, I find it very unlikely that it was as many people as they claim it was, and even more unlikely that there was a bat involved. From where the bar is though, there are no clear site lines. 
I can only speculate, but I've been a bartender in that neighbourhood a long time, and I've seen some fights. If it was as he describes it, I'd expect he'd be in much worse shape.
I don't condone violence of any kind aside from controlled and consenting mosh pit scenarios, but if you want to posture yourself as a fraternal fight club of proud nationalists and misogynists, I have a hard time believing that wasn't exactly what they were looking for. Those views are inherently violent to women, immigrants, and indigenous people, and that's 75% of our client base right there.
I just think it was opportunistic and not targeted, and I am sad for those boys that they have not had the direct experience to change their minds and are so completely unaware of how they make people feel around them.
Josh, the PB who claimed to have been attacked by four members of antifa, and his friends didn't like Vanessa's response to their.... uhm.... dilemma and since then she has been subject to online threats to her person and her job as evidenced by the following messages she received on Facebook. Some of the messages were run of the mill trolling....

.... however she also received what were clearly threats:


Vanessa's friends have also been targeted:

And she is the focus of Kevin "No-Show" Goudreau's impotent rage as well:

In what was totally not a surprise, at least one person whom we have been writing about recently also jumped into the mix:

Yep, that's right. Steven Myatt's sidekick/mascot Georges Massaad for a time this past week decided having Varg Vikernes as his profile photo was a great idea. Evidently an imaginary rash of church fires started by Muslims which isn't happening is far worse than someone who actually burnt down churches.... and murdered someone. Can't forget the murder part.

In any case, Massaad was the most active of those attacking Vanessa, however he sort of had his ass handed to him so he reverted to boiler plate "alt-right" 4Chan-style rhetoric as a bit of a Hail Mary pass at the end.

I personally think he missed the throw badly:

 Beta cuck. Triggered. SJW. Kek.

I wonder if these people, having taken their "red pill" with a healthy dose of Kool-Aid, are even capable of having an original thought now?

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