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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fromm Planning On Speaking In Winnipeg

You know, one has to feel for Paulie. In this age of Donald Trump the alt-right, he has been desperately trying to attach himself to the movement in an effort to maintain some semblance of relevance. In the past he's actually been able to do so, but his rejection by groups such as the Proud Boys (which resulted in a minor split between the larger group of semi-covert bigots and a smaller group of over racists and antisemites) as well as being considered somewhat of an opportunist allegedly motivated by financial reasons by a growing number of established racist and racist groups in the country has taken the shine off of him:

He is also, as far as this writer is aware, still prohibited from entering the United States and rumor is that there are efforts underway to curtail is trips to Europe.

But the boy does keep plugging away anyways:
White nationalist planning event in cityBy: Ryan Thorpe
Posted: 11/14/2017 7:00 AM
One of Canada’s most notorious white nationalists is planning to hold a conference in Winnipeg Wednesday. 
Frederick Paul Fromm, an Ontario resident and longtime white nationalist activist, is promoting a talk entitled "Charlottesville Changes Everything," which he plans to deliver this week at a Winnipeg hotel.
In a past talk uploaded to YouTube under the same name, Fromm said over the long haul the events of Charlottesville — where an alleged white nationalist plowed a car into a group of anti-fascist protesters, killing one — would prove to be a good thing for the far right.
"There really is a huge conflict going on in America and I take a lot of comfort in that I see evidence of the conflict here in Canada," he said, referencing the violence in Charlottesville.
In the past, he’s self-described as an "advocate for white nationalists" and used to host a radio show on the white supremacist and neo-Nazi website Stormfront.
He also has long-standing ties with some of North America’s most well-known neo-Nazis, white supremacists and Ku Klux Klan members, including David Duke, Don Andrews, Don Black and the late Ernst Zundel, among others.
News of Fromm’s scheduled talk comes on the heels of a number of anti-fascist rallies in the city over the past year. The most recent of which came in September, when anti-fascists mobilized against an "anti-immigration" march organized (then cancelled) by the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam.
And for anyone who still actually believes that Paulie is simply a "free speech" advocate, here is how he and his friends commemorated Remembrance Day; wistfully dreaming of exiling and murdering their enemies:

And in the meantime, these were found in Winnipeg today:

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