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The CNP Eligible For Official Party Status Part V: Antisemitism, Racism, and the Beginning of Infighting

Just a quick reminder that when Travis Patron says he isn't a Nazi.... that he's really a Nazi:

Patron didn't like our previous article which was a continuation of our follow-up on the release of the Canadian Nationalist Party membership list:

The obvious problem for Patron being that the "defamation" came directly from his own CNP forum:

Nope. Not random Facebook posts.

The CNP forum.

The forum Patron created and runs.

The forum in which he claims the true loyalists of the party congregate:

Ouch! Awkward indeed!

The fallout from the article continues. Wednesday the "Vancouver Star" published an expose by journalist Melanie Green on Darik Horn who worked on Faith Goldy's mayoral campaign, acts as security for PPC leader Max Bernier, and is a member of the Canadian Nationalist Party"

But we aren't finished with the CNP either.

Not long after the CNP created the blog, this writer joined up probably in mid 2018. However not a hell of a lot was happening then so I lost interest and forgot about it. Not long after registering with Elections Canada Patron opened up the forum "in the interest of transparency" though it was clear that he had tried to sanitize the forum of the more objectionable posts; on that he didn't really succeed. It was only in September that I remembered the sock I created. Sure enough it was still active and I was able to see a section only members can participate in:

A shoutbox is a feature that allows people to leave short messages on the website and to chat with members in real time. The CNP shoutbox, or at least what I was able to access, contained the sort of racist and anti-semitic bs one would expect from a groups which is for all intents and purposes a Nazi party.

One of the individuals featured here is JamesNorth:

However also know him by his real name as he posted a moderated comment win which he very kindly provided said name:

He had also bravely posted his intention to contact ARC on the shoutbox.... along with Patron posting another comment about the "parasitic tribe":

Yeah... he's really brave.

Still, a point of contention did come up. After ARC published the membership list, Patron cut and pasted the list to is own forum which, as we have already noted, means either he knows that his claims the people outed would be put in danger was bs OR he actually (erroneously) believed the bs and published the list as an act of personal bravado knowing he was fine since he provided a false address:

Looks like James Barker (aka: "JamesNorth") is a CNP loyalist though.... except:

Our friends and fellow ARC members Yellow Vests Canada Exposed posted a thread on Ray Coelho on Twitter which sort of explains why a poc might be an attractive candidate for the CNP:

So while Coelho as a candidate for the CNP is working against his own self-interests, his antisemitism should be enough to satisfy members of the CNP at large, right?

Turns out not so much:

"JamesNorth", we hardly knew ye.

But he isn't the only fella that has left. Despite Patron's claim that his is a party of "free speech"....

.... that promise never ACTUALLY was intended to extend to the CNP forum:

The moderator, "jonottawa" was very insistent on protecting the reputation of both the CNP and the leader Travis Patron. However shortly after posting this message, he resigned as a forum moderator:

You won't find this post on the CNP forum any longer because Patron removed it. In fact it seems clear that any time Patron is challenged he either ignores the issue or disappears it because, you know, leadership!

It seems "jonottawa" knew this would happen so he saved his own post which ended up on Reddit:

What is especially interesting is that while Patron claimed to be opening up the forum to be transparent, there is currently a secret section open only to himself, the moderators, and perhaps a few trusted individuals but not the membership at large which can hardly be considered transparent. Moreover Patron posted something so inflammatory that "jonottawa" freaked out. In the thread that follows he accuses Patron of this:

So let's take a look at the Reddit thread:


So, what exactly was it that Patron posted?

I'm guessing he won't be sharing it but if I were to make a guess it might involve what happens if they don't (and they won't) achieve their goals at the ballot box.

The forum posts on setting up a rural headquarters, which sounds more like a compound, perhaps provides some insights:

Never a dull moment, eh?

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