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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Major Media White Washes Yellow Vests Movement and Convoy to Ottawa: Ignores Racism, Antisemitism, Islamophobia, Homophobia, and Misogyny Endemic to Reactionary Movement

On Tuesday last week, "The National" on CBC uncritically profiled the Yellow Vests movement and provided a forum for overt hate groups such as the former Nouns of Odin now going by the name the Clann. There was little to no mention of the racism rife within the movement and no mention of the violent threats directed towards political figures on the left (or at least those the reactionaries consider to be on the left). As bad as this coverage was, news papers including the "Calgary Herald" and "Toronto Star" provided even worse coverage.

It was so bad, even Faith Goldy was angry, though I somehow suspect she was angry for different reasons:

The articles however provided cover for right-wing politicians to be able to support the event since they could now claim, citing these news sources, that the Yellow Vest sponsored convoy to Ottawa is solely about oil pipe lines despite what they themselves know to be true:

ARC and especially Yellow Vests Canada Exposed and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network have been exposing the racism and violent rhetoric behind the reactionary Yellow Vests movement in Canada for more than two months. We've done what the major media hasn't done; critically examine the ideology underlying this movement and bring to light the people behind it. Those include people like this guy:

Dave Selvers is the organizer for the Yellow Vest Convoy in Sault Ste. Marie:

In a "Sault This Week" article from early January, members of the local Yellow Vest group which included Selvers stated:
George Brown, an active member of the Yellow Vests wants to make clear that he and fellow Yellow Vests are not against immigration. 
It just needs to be “done legally and fulfil needs for Canadians”, to help Canada’s homeless and destitute, Canada’s veterans and first nations, Brown said. 
Yellow Vesters are not against helping those who must flee their countries because of violence and corruption, he added. 
“Those in the middle east both Christian and Muslim need to be looked after”.
Given his association with the paranoid M103 protests though, one might pause to question Selvers' own (as well as the movement in general) commitment to protecting refugees and supporting immigration:

My own dive into his Facebook profile found a gun-obsessed, conspiracy-minded individual who revels in his hatred of Muslims and "non-white" Canadians and who has called for the execution of Canadian politicians:


Most of the following were posted during the past week:

For all his talk of treason, one might find it a bit ironic that Selvers would also post a comment that encourages the United States to invade Canada to remove a democratically elected government:

He really seems to like Donald Trump:

None of this was especially difficult to find. If I, Yellow Vests Canada Exposed, and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network find this with our limited resources, then why won't the major media do more than a cursory and shallow examination of this racist movement?

And of course Selvers is NOT the exception. He IS the rule:

Though there are some really great journalists working in the msm trying to cover the movement, Yellow Vests Canada Exposed alone has done a far better job of covering this story than any of the major media.

These are only since February 15:


Anonymous said...

Instead of scattering random handfuls of loose stool all over the internet, this Selvers guy might want to focus on finishing his toilet training.

Jackie said...

The Con media won't cover it adequately because they're too busy chasing squirrels in Quebec for ratings and political capital and are funded by Big Oil. They're in the tank (pun intended) for the Cons through and through.

As if character assassination weren't bad enough, just think of the advertising revenue bonanza they'd stand to accrue if some yellow vest wingnut really did pull an Oswald on Trudeau.

The whole lot of them are a combination of vultures and high school bullies. Worse than the British media. They deserve to be boycotted to oblivion.