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Friday, February 22, 2019

Preview: The Aftermath of the Yellow Vest Convoy

I was on a business trip during the actual rally portion of the United We Roll/Yellow Vest Convoy to Ottawa. There was a time when I would be sorry about not being able to cover such an event since ARC was for so long one of the few sites documenting the activities of racist extremists. However with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and Yellow Vests Canada Exposed, I had no doubt that the story would still be told.

I've asked the folks behind the Yellow Vests Canada Exposed if they would be willing to write an account of the two days. A spokesperson has agreed to do so and I hope that something will be ready to be published during the next few days. In the meantime, it appears that the convoy might have ended up as a bit of a disaster as relatively few showed up, the convoy wasn't quite as (grass roots) as claimed (some of the participants were quite literally "paid protesters), those that did include white supremacists and white nationalists, and there is now accusations by some of the participants that money raised has not been distributed leaving some struggling to find a way back home:

Still, a number of high profile conservative politicians, including Scheer and Bernier, came out to support the extremists:

More detail in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Nut jobs like this Selvers character, need to be of sound mind in order to own firearms. His statements and actions need to be brought to the attention of the Chief Firearms Officer who approved his ability to buy and own firearms. How is it that these not jobs can own restricted firearms. This is a crazy situation! and I am a gun owner!!

Anonymous said...

Read what this guy Selvers writes.
Again, how is it that he is allowed to own firearms!!

Anonymous said...

This is a link to threeper Ann Taylor speaking, Claiming to be a organizer of the convoy..

I know you have pictures with Ann Taylor and her boyfriend/threeper
Michael Lawrence Scriba, attending threeper functions, you can make the connection.