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Sunday, May 06, 2018

Islamophobe and Member of White Nationalist Northern Guard Steven Myatt With Andy Scheer at the UCP Convention

Steven Myatt has been in Western Canada for nearly a month, first attending the weekend conference and anti-Muslim rally organized by Artur Pawlowski Calgary. His purpose in traveling to Western Canada was to promote his class action lawsuit against Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government which has now morphed into a campaign to have Prime Minister Trudeau charged and put on trial for treason primarily because he hasn't closed the country off to refugees, Muslims, and, if we're being honest, black and brown people:

Because, as you all know, that's apparently how he and his supporters think the criminal justice system works.

Since his arrival, Myatt has traveled to Edmonton, Fort Mac, Vancouver, Victoria, a few other places I can't be bothered to look up, and now back to Alberta:

As he's been away from Ottawa for nearly a month, I have to ask....

This is echoing the tired insult leveled at anti-racists by boneheads accusing us of not having jobs and living off the state, but I am genuinely interested in how this guy earns an income when he appears to spend so much time doing other things completely unrelated to earning an income. I know that he says he's staying with "patriots" in Alberta and BC and I would further surmise they are feeding him which I suppose would cut down the costs. He also has people raising money for his efforts. But even all that aside, who has the ability to just take off from a job for a full month (did he take all possible vacation days), especially considering it is doubtful that Myatt is independently wealthy (dude said he had to quit smoking because the habit was financially burdensome) and he doesn't appear to be a professional of any sort or self-employed.

Maybe I'm overthinking all of this?

Anyways, after spending time in BC Myatt returned to Alberta and traveled to Red Deer to attend the United Conservative Party's first convention where we've been reminded once again that a majority of the rank and file members don't like teachers or First Nations people but are REALLY are excited about outing gay children (see the entire thread):

To put it mildly.... yikes.

But Myatt was there to promote his class action suit as well as his efforts to charge Justin Trudeau with treason. On his first day at the event Myatt believed that he received implicit approval for this effort from the leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition:

Oh. Andrew Scheer expressed interest, eh?

I'm going to assume that "expressing interest" meant that he nodded his head and said, "That's very interesting."
Steven Myatt doesn't seem to understand the fine art of the political pander. In such a case, a politician may humor a supporter who offers an outlandish idea (ie. getting people to sign a petition to sue the Prime Minister and/or charge him with treason). That politician may even encourage the person to carry on with their efforts because even though the politician is fully aware that there isn't a chance in hell that the effort will go anywhere, it will at least help to stoke the anger against his political opponent. In fact in many cases the politician will encourage the individual and will contribute to building that anger, but when he achieves power will drop the issue completely because they have achieved their goal.

Two recent examples. When Obama was president, the Republicans held numerous hearings investigating what they claimed to be malfeasance but these show hearings were primarily directed at their own base to rile them up and get them out to vote. Now that they have both Congress and the presidency, they've completely dropped these efforts. Had they truly believed Obama guilty of a crime, it seems rather strange that they would drop the issue, unless they were aware that there was no "there" there and it was all political posturing.

Closer to home, Jason Kenney in opposition to Gay Straight Alliances in Alberta schools, stated that parents had the right to know what clubs their children were involved in. As such he characterized his homophobia as parental choice. Now while I believe that Kenney truly doesn't like homosexuals, I think his opposition to GSAs was primarily a nod to win over social conservatives and that he never really intended a UCP government to enact such legislation. It sure would fire up the base however.

In the end though, politicians don't want to be associated with people like Steven Myatt when they have this kind of social media presence:

Actually it is an immigration office. And how exactly are Quebecois supposed to look?

Oh, right. White.

Pam Geller.

The KKK linked and now self-described White Nationalist Northern Guard, with a side serving of antisemitism.

Myatt and this guy

If Myatt doesn't believe me, perhaps he could ask Tanya Granic Allen what she thinks of what I've written.

Of course the danger of the political pander is that the Frankenstein monster you help to create can slip from your control. In the United States the Republicans thought they could control the Tea Party movement, only to have the extremists take over their party culminating in the election of Donald Trump. In Jason Kenney's case, he suggested that the UCP would be a grassroots democracy, but then the members actually thought he was serious about wanting to out gay kids and as a result he lost control of the narrative:

Uhm... whoops?

Both Myatt and his supporters are incredibly naive though and are over the moon that Andrew Scheer appeared to encourage them:

Jesus, is it any wonder Myatt's ego is continuing to grow?

In fact it really appears that in addition to having his ego stroked, a primary motivation for Steven Myatt is the desire to be important:

So with Myatt being lauded as the great white hope for the country by his supporters, they haven't really addressed the "no 'there' there" problem, in that the things they have accused Trudeau of are:
  1. Not treason.
  2. Not actually crimes.
  3. Not something he is responsible for.
  4. Nutty conspiracy theories. Really, one person accuses Trudeau of giving people cancer with smart meters.

I mean, when Ronny Cameron becomes the voice of reason (at least by comparison) in an argument over whether or not the Prime Minister is guilty of treason, you sort of have to consider that perhaps you've sort of jumped the shark:

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