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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May 2018 Bits and Bites: Goudreau, Proud Boys, WCAI, Myatt, Cameron, and Faith Goldy

May is not yet over but it has been busy. As such I decided to combine some of the smaller stories I had been collecting and compile them into one large article. It is long but, believe it or not, I haven't included everything.

Before I start, this afternoon members of Atalante attempted to intimidate "Vice Canada" journalists in their Montreal offices (see here for the English language and the French language accounts of the incident). Ultimately their efforts were pretty weak, but it does indicate that groups such as Atalante and others are becoming more brazen as little is seemingly done to keep such hate groups in check:

They aren't being particularly subtle, are they?

Now, getting into the "lighter side" of the news so-to-speak, it looks like Kevin "No Show" Goudreau still thinks that he is the leader of all Canadian hate groups and is trying to give orders to the Soldiers of Odin:

I'm very interested in seeing how that will go over.

We also learned about how dishonest some of the people we cover here are, including middle-age Proud Boy Robert Jones:

This image was debunked long ago however it continues to make the rounds. It doesn't surprise me that Jones would be fooled, but when other tell him the origin photo Jones' response is telling:

Yep. He now knows it is a lie but since it defames the reputation of people he disagrees with, he's going to use it still.

And that is, in a nutshell, all one really needs to know about the integrity of Robert Jones.

I haven't written much about the WCAI lately, though they appear to be planning some rallies this summer. However ARC has certainly been on Joey Deluca's and Jesse Wielenga's collective minds:

Jesus. That edit by former Ontario Canadian Combat Coalition vp Rick Boswick was more painful then even the stuff I've cobbled together, and I KNOW I'm bad at editing videos.

No, I'm not Dena Gallant and quite frankly I'm rather insulted as I believe myself to be far more witty than her. Then again I also know that me telling them this won't change their minds. Hell, others are also now certain that I'm Dr. Barbara Perry and I'm quite certain she has better ways to spend her time than on this blog (that said, I've had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Perry and she is very nice).

It is interesting that Joey et al believes the person who runs the ARC YouTube account is Ms. Gallant though since she has given Steven Myatt some grief regarding his efforts to sue Justin Trudeau for treason (yes, this is a real thing). It also turns out that Myatt can't stand criticism and is a bit of a drama queen:

Why are the alpha males all so bloody thin skinned?

So Myatt asks his very loyal followers if he should keep going or quit. Considering his audience he must have known what the outcome would be which means that this question is simply a request for his followers to stroke his ego:

Myatt is so needy for others' affirmation I'm almost embarrassed for him.

Now that he has his second wind though, he shares with his followers the master plan behind his brief meeting with Andrew Scheer:

So basically:

meet Scheer + ? = win!

And because his ego grew three sizes that day, Myatt has come to believe that he is a sort of messiah figure now:

Why do I get the feeling Myatt threw in the term "Geo-Political" because he thought it would impress his fans, but neither he nor his fans actually understand what it means?

Myatt indicate readiness for such a "geo-political" organization with tone deaf posts such as this:

You mean to tell me a white 25 year old who lives in a country that has historically been controlled by European-Canadians for their benefit has never thought about race?

And equally not shocking, his fans continue to bleat their support:

So, racism was never an issue in Canada until Trudeau started talking about issues related to race which made people racist so it's all Trudeau's fault!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Islamophobic brand of conservatism, an ideology that claims to stress personal responsibility.

It is also an ideology that claims to support individuality, which makes this post by Myatt's friend Ronny Cameron a bit inconvenient:

It is really funny how quickly Ronny Cameron appears to have turned on a dime. Not long ago he was condemning white nationalism and the alt-right. Now he's a self-proclaimed white nationalist and alt-right supporter:

Dude, you're trying way to hard to impress your new friends. You're like Chester to their Spike:

By the way, is Ronny still involved with the "black girlfriend" he always uses as a reason to deny he's a racist? Because if he is, then isn't he committing the very "white genocide" (which once again isn't actually a thing) he and his fellow alt-righters are concerned about? Hopefully his full embrace of white nationalism indicates that she has decided to dump his marginally employed ass.

So we know that Ronny love him the alt-right. We've also learned that he doesn't feel the same for someone regarded by much of the alt-right as a guru and philosopher, Jordan "Enforced Monogamy" Peterson:

Criticism of Peterson is tantamount to heresy for these folks and while I'm not going to include the rage posts, Cameron's Facebook page is open so feel free to have fun reading them.

So Ronny has alienated Christians, baby-boomers, and Jordan Peterson cultists.

He also finally appears to have alienated the Jewish Defence League. More on that in a future article.

We've also been witness to the antics of Kevin Johnston who is currently charged ans waiting trial for violating Canadian hate speech laws. Last year saw some of his Twitter accounts shut down for violating the terms of service. He then impotently threatened to sue both Twitter and those who reported his accounts.

Last week, he sent this letter to Twitter Canada HQ and it is funny as hell:

I'm not sure that most reasonable people would characterize Johnston as a man of honour, but these letter are patently ridiculous and are simply meant to intimidate the targets. I do suspect that his sudden decision to sue people has less to do with a real sense of justice and more an effort to lash out as a result of his own legal problems:

Somebody needs a Snickers.

Since there's also a provincial election in Ontario, I also thought I would introduce and reintroduce a number of fringe candidates.

Representing the fringe party associated with the racist rag "Your Ward News" are James Sears and Paul Fromm:

We read a report from someone attending a candidate's forum in Ottawa on May 16:
So I went to an All-Candidates meeting tonight in Ottawa Centre, and our good buddy Sears was handing out copies of Your Ward News outside. Although a registered candidate, he had not registered to appear in the debate. 
I got pics. You'll recognize one face right off the bat. I did miss one, who looked like a junior version of Sears, black suit jacket and all. I hadn't realized he was with the group--he was inside, apparently annoying people, but in what way? I saw him sit down beside a woman, not obnoxiously close--he said something, and she quickly got up and left. My guess, upon reflection? He was one of Sears' PUA students, and not having much luck in his practicum. 
A couple of us guarded the door to the debate, but two of the shamblers had tickets, so got in. Quiet as mice. Sears and the rest of his small entourage moved off from the front of the building and left the scene. 
Some of these shamblers might be from Ottawa, but here are the pics, anyway.

Paulie is clearly visible, but if any of the others are familiar to ARC readers, we would love to hear from you.

Running to the CAP (Cultural Action Party) include violent Islamophobe Eric Brazau and Duke Willis, one of the moderators of the Northern Guard Facebook page as well as a conspiracy nutter:

As a bit of an aside, I've noticed a tendency lately by these people to attribute traffic accidents, especially those that tragically result in injury or death, to Islamic terrorism. Trudeau is inevitably blamed and the claim that "this never used to happen in Canada before the Liberals (or "libtards" or "lieberals" or whatever the term of the day is) became the government!"

Really. There was never a vehicular accident in this country before October 2015.

Also, before Trudeau, there was never a forest or prairie fire, all of which are set by Muslim terrorists too:

The stupid really does burn.

And finally, this happened:

Yeah, it's sort of strange to have one of Canada's more infamous supporters of fascism and white nationalism following you online. Still, it was also interesting that this also happened soon after:

Well that's a damn shame. :)

And so is this:

It looks like they are back up now, but no matter.

On rare occasions, and for brief instances, all is right in the universe.


some skinny white dude who likes tacos said...

you should post a picture of a trainwreck because thats exactly what the far-right wingnuts are, a glorious trainwreck. more often than not this blog is a source of much laughter here. keep doing what you're doing cause its driving them bananas, that much is blatantly evident. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Nos, please see your twitter messages. Funny stuff. Hopefully will cost The Goudreau a couple minions (if he actually has them). I'm pretty certain you can figure out where I got it, but I'd really appreciate it if neither the person or I was identified. His monomaniacal ravings are the stuff of hamfat and pantomimes, but a blow like that may just drive him over the edge. We have children in this house and I'm not eager to have to skewer a nazi in their presence. We may be almost polar opposites politically, but where neonazis are concerned, we do have common enemies we'd both like to see (further) marginalized. Hope this finds you well.