Sunday, May 20, 2018

"White Nationalist" Ronny Cameron, His National Socialist Friends, and the Jewish Defence League

For the life of me, I don't understand why Meir Weinstein of the Canadian Jewish Defence League has such an amicable relationship with Ronny Cameron:

In an article published last week, I commented Ronny Cameron, a self-professed "white nationalist" and "alt-right" proponent as well as a supporter of Richard Spencer, and his relationship with the Canadian JDL. After the video Cameron went on to skirt the edges of antisemitic conspiracy theories and the rather ugly stereotypes leveled at the Jewish people. Since Meir routinely accuses progressives who make even the most tepid criticisms of Israeli government policies as being antisemites, I found it curious that he would give Cameron a pass for considerably more provocative claims.

While Cameron claims to be quite fond of the JDL who he considers an ally, he suggests they are an anomaly in the Jewish community and it appeared that his "alliance" with the JDL was a means to an end. ARC published three brief excerpts from more than two hour video published by Cameron featuring overt antisemite and white supremacist Devon Mannix and Proud Boy member Andrew Zokvic. The remainder of the video was certainly a telling:

FYI, and a shameless plug here, but if anyone is interested in supporting the work of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (which, in what will disappoint Mannix, is not comprised totally or even primarily of Jewish-Canadians), please click here.

Much of the following excerpts consists of Cameron nodding in agreement as his guests advocate for National Socialism and fascism, engage in antisemitic stereotypes conspiracy theories regarding the years in Germany prior to World War II and justifying the actions of Hitler in targeting Jewish Germans, and discussing multiculturalism and "race realism" using pseudo-science (much of it debunked decades ago) claiming racial superiority regarding intellect. I'll provide some broad categories for the excerpts:

Whether the name "alt-right" is appropriate followed by an antisemitic joke:

A discussion of religion with references to "blood and soil":

Whether or not mainstream conservatives will eventually embrace National Socialism and fascism (the consensus among the three seems to be "yes"):

With that in mind after Cameron says that Israel is a "distraction" though he supports the existence of Israel as what he believes to be an "ethnostate", Zokvic speaks about how Jews "are not white" and justifies Hitler's rise to power by claiming Jewish-Germans were the cause of the hardships in Germany during the interwar period:

Mannix notes the use of the word "aryan" by Canada's first prime minister as a justification for his views. Zokvic will later talk about multiculturalism, apparently failing to realize that he undercuts his own already specious argument:

At one point the speakers discuss the use of the "alt-lite" as an entry drug into the "alt-right". They further express their appreciation for Faith Goldy in a way that suggests she has a future as an alt-right dominatrix:

Other women though need to learn their place!

This recent article might provide further context for the previous video excerpt:

And First Nations? Well, Devon Mannix has written they should be "deported back to Asia" and that's a view that seems consistent with the discussion here:

Finally, at least regarding the video excerpts that will be published today, the statistics and pseud-science presented in the "race realism" discussion puts to bed any question (if there was a question and I don't think there was by this point) regarding the extremism being promoted by Cameron et al:

I wonder if Zokvic was at this event that Weinstein was troubled by?

So, I ask again. Why is Meir and the JDL so friendly with Ronny Cameron?

UPDATE: I forgot this one.

Not exactly a shock.

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