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Sunday, October 29, 2017

PEGIDA Canada Protest in London, ON Routed.... Again

This is becoming common place whenever PEGIDA Canada protests. They had moved their protests out of Toronto since they were routinely outnumbered. Seems the change of location hasn't helped:

1 comment:

Iraj said...

Another slant to this incident is London Free Press' decision to provide pro bono propaganda support for Pegida. So far they have published two pro-Pegida slanted articles about this latest rally by the same author, whitewashing Pegida's tactics (i.e. claiming that they take pains NOT To be racist, stating that they carry a sign saying "love Muslims, hate Islam") and this morning LFP published an anti-Muslim cartoon about Bill 62. Public comments about these items on Facebook are not amused at the racism. No attempt was made to interview any of the far more numerous anti-racist protesters.

Pegida loves Muslims? I guess that's why I've spent the past several days filing complaints with Facebook because one of their members is going around all of the news pages claiming that I'm a "wahhabi extremist", "ISIS member" and "terrorist". FB takes the posts down but refuses to ban the user. This is the third time I've had to put up with this nonsense. Whenever one of them sees a post or like from me, the harassment starts again.