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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Karyn Draper, For God's Sake, Stop Digging!

So a few days ago the media caught wind of Karyn Draper, a candidate for Public School trustee, supporter of such august groups as the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam, Facebook friend with folks such as neo-Nazi and Calgary Blood & Honour leader Kyle McKee and other familiar faces to those who follow this blog. Suffice it to say, the resulting attention resulted in a... well....

Well yesterday Karyn wrote a post on her Facebook page that began, "I am sorry that I upset so many people."

A good start, and probably where she should have stopped.

But she didn't stop.

Holy hell did she ever not stop!


I'm almost starting to feel sorry for her.

Not surprisingly, people responded. Now I'm not going to post every response, but here are a few representative samples including an ARC shout-out:

Wait, "commie antifa" are like Nazis because they disrupt meetings of opposing groups like communists?

In the meantime, when presented with an ACTUAL neo-Nazi whom she is on good terms with, she writes that she thinks he's a fine fellow:

Uhm, yeah about that last point....

Image result for this is fine gif

Undeterred by common sense, shame, or any thought of salvaging any remaining dignity, Karyn claims that the publicity has resulted in a groundswell of support:

Here are a few of the folks who are not only interested in what she has to say but would like a brochure:

Matt appears again in a totally, "I'm not a antisemitic Holocaust denier" few of posts including these ones:

The rest of the exchange in this particular thread is interesting in that Karyn's participation results in further understanding of how her mind seems to work.

Saddle-up cowboys and cowgirls. This is quite the ride:

And what might be the most oblivious post of them all:

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Iraj said...

"Dig up, Stupid!" - Chief Wiggum