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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Jesse Wielenga Finished With WCAI?

In a recent (and as it turns out final) Facebook update before seemingly deleting his most recent account, Jesse Wielenga wrote that he was "finished" and that he would be devoting more time to his family. If we are to believe him, he's facing a pretty significant crisis that might result in the curtailment of his access to his children:

If this turns out to be true, it is a far cry from the bravado that has characterized Wielenga's rhetoric in the past:

However despite the bravado, it was clear that things were not going well for Wielenga:

Things really came to a head in early September when according to Wielenga, he lost his job due to his public overt racism:

Wielenga expanded on this turn of events in a video also featuring Devon Mannix who appears to have been facing his own troubles due to his notoriety:

Based Leftists, eh?

I sort of like that.

But if Devon would like ARC to pay more attention to him, then he'll enjoy one of ARC's future articles.

Getting back to Wielenga, as he has done in the past he deleted this profile and started up a new one. And though he appeared to have managed to find employment....

.... he simply couldn't resist continually exposing his racism and calls for violence.

I'll finish this with is a sample of posts made by Wielenga over the course of less than a month. In these posts he expresses antisemitic, homophobic, and racist views as well as commenting on events such as NFL players taking a knee during the American anthem, the Trudeau government, the terrorist attack in Edmonton, and the shooting in Las Vegas which he (and others) have attributed to "antifa" (and a myriad of other conspiracy theories, of course). He also talks about strategy, or at least what Wielenga considers strategy, moving on while making cryptic comments regarding targeting ideological opponents:

Wielenga has claimed to have been "done" in the past only to come back. That may very well happen again. 

And we will be here to remind people of the kind of person he is when he complains about being mistreated by the press.


ForgottenBrotherhood said...

Jesse is a shit stain in the patriot movement...him and Joey Deluca dont even define what a patriot is..all i better say...they might duplicate my fb account again and make me waste 2 days of me time at the RCMP office clearing my name...

Unknown said...

Lmfao im just finished with this whole movement and you guys my biggest fans

Unknown said...

Hahaha yeah ok im just finished so fuck off i know you guys just love me so much and wont know who else to write about but its ok

Nosferatu200 said...

If this is true Jesse, I and others will be pleased to see you slide into obscurity.

Good bye and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Sad part is Jesse will spend his day shovelling pig shit telling himself that he's a victim of Antifa and ZOG instead of admitting he's just an uneducated loser who turns to hate and bigotry because he can't admit he's a failure. It's all somebody else's fault, right Jesse?