Monday, October 30, 2017

La Meute and Storm Alliance Merging? Support and Opposition.

Recently the Quebec-based hate group La Meute has been in the news as a result of a charity declining their offer to participate in the collection of gifts for disadvantaged children. Unfortunately due to my own monolingualism I struggle to be able to gather good intel on what is happening in Quebec unless that information makes the English press, however I am happy that there are a lot of groups doing the necessary work within Quebec right now (an article that will be published later this evening comes from someone who is doing just that). On that note, here is some interesting news about the leader of the Ontario branch of La Meute (Wolf Pack):

Still, sometimes something interesting crosses the desk that originated in Quebec that ARC is able to write about. This story seems to be significant as it might indicate a power shift within the far-right movement in the province
Today Dave Tregget, the former Soldiers of Odin National VP and Quebec leader who went on to break away from the SoO to found the Storm Alliance, posted the following to Facebook:

Now while there was some initial confusion on this writer's part due to the clumsy translation as well as among the Storm Alliance supporters over whether "collaboration" means a merger or take-over, (a friend clarified that it is more collaboration for a particular event being panned for November) the general consensus is that the membership supports the effort, some enthusiastically while others are more pragmatic. Some representative samples follow:

However the support for collaboration or a merger with La Meute isn't universally supported by Stormers. Some are concerned about being swallowed up while others appear to oppose the way the Pack "do things." And there are of course the inevitable personality conflicts that have long existed:

ARC will continue to keep an eye on any new information that results. I'm sure the folks in Quebec who are doing a fantastic job monitoring these groups will do the same. In the meantime I will leave ARC's readers with one final observation from a single and rather cynical (but ultimately correct) Storm Alliance supporter:

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Anonymous said...

Best to not use Facebook auto translation to English from French, but rather retain the original French text imho, as it is rather nonsensical at times, as français québécois slang expressions do not translate well. At the very least have someone translate the FB posts rather than rely on machine translations.