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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kevin Goudreau Planning Rally in Toronto And Might Be Pretending To Be A Hammerskin

When anti-government/anti-refugee extremist groups held rallies across the country on September 30, they were outnumbered in most locations by as many as 10 to 1 (only in Quebec were numbers more or less equal and perhaps Regina where no one even noticed the four people who were protesting). Perhaps the most humiliating event was that experienced by Kevin Goudreau in Peterborough, ON where 300 to 400 counter-protesters showed up while Goudreau hid. Only one fascist supporter attended and he was given what I've come to describe as an antifa kiss. Now while many of those supporting the anti-government/anti-refugee cause were justifiably disappointed, Goudreau has been trying to frame the day as a great victory. A recent video posted by the Goudreau continues on this theme:

ARC readers know Goudreau has a tendency to engage in self-aggrandizing rhetoric, so Goudreau claiming victory by not showing up is par for the course. Also something that ARC readers know, but haven't experienced in a few years now, is the Goudreau's menagerie of imaginary friends which includes the membership of the White Canadian Nationalist Party, many of his early girlfriends, and now it seems CNP boosters from other hate groups.

For example, Goudreau posted the following on Stormfront announcing a rally to take place on November 4 in Toronto:

What is interesting is the videos suggest that the Hammerskins are now supporters of Goudreau:

Those who are aware of the history of the racist movement in this country would be surprised that Goudreau would receive support from the Hammerskins because of a very long running grudge held by Goudreau against the Hammerskins as well as the Hammerskins generally viewing Goudreau as a mouthy little joke. That nature of their relationship is best explained by this photo which has been kicking around since 1989 or 1990 in which a Hammerskin finds Goudreau's face to be irresistibly punchable:

With this historical context in mind, I'm sure ARC readers will understand why I am somewhat dubious about Goudreau's claim. But don't take my word for it. An actual Toronto Hammerskin has called out Goudreau:

Goudreau responds in typical fashion:

Our Hammerskin member still doesn't appear to be convinced based on the strength of Goudreau's compelling "he is because I said so and you're a poopy head for believing otherwise" argument. As the Hammerskins are generally a pretty tight group who don't pass out membership in their hate group as willingly as does Goudreau, he asks for the contact information of the "rogue Hammer":

Goudreau is rather dismissive of the request. And besides, he knows soooo many people, being that he is the most important figure in Canadian fascism since the late 1980s according to his biggest supporter.... himself:

But, here's the thing.

The mannerisms, cadence of the voice, and even the voice itself when the person occasionally forgets to speak in a forced, though subtle, falsetto. And despite how dark the video is, one can see the eyes which sort of strike at least this writer as.... familiar.

Don't these characteristics remind ARC readers of someone? Someone who has a history of making things, and people, up?

The second video Goudreau provides a link to has the same "Hammerskin" both tearing down the Proud Boys and the Soldiers of Odin then, conveniently, suggesting people should support Goudreau's.... er.... group:

Yeah, I think it's Kevin in the video which is sad even for him.... and he once did this and thought it would be a good idea to share it with the world:

Now, there is some speculation that the person in the video may very well be another person who was trying to convince people there was a Klan chapter in the Beaches area of Toronto. ARC Has received the following regarding that suspect:
[The suspect] messaged Your Ward News Watch a while back. He had a fb profile which is now deleted. He was trying to convince us that there was an active KKK chapter in the Beaches in Toronto, and that we should be very concerned.
Pretty sure this is the same dude. He messaged our page a while back trying to tell us there was a KKK chapter active in the beaches, and that we should panic. His profiles looked fake, and I highly doubt there is an actual KKK active in Toronto. He likes his jackets and patches. Apparently he's a member of the Hammerskins, the KKK, NSM, and basically everything. pretty conflicting groups. I think he larping and just looking to piss people off.
This was his "proof" of a KKK chapter in Toronto. he painted a picture.

In the meantime I suspect the Goudreau rally in Toronto will be every bit as "successful" as his rally in Peterborough was.

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Bryan said...

Must be Kevin in the painting. It does, after all, say "Toronto Beaches, 20 lb. Which is very nearly where this mighty aryan warrior weighs in on a good day.