Sunday, October 15, 2017

Islamophobe Infighting: Part "I've Lost Track"

Alternative title: "Please, Won't Someone Think of the Children!?"

When this writer learns of far-right nationalists and fascists who are at each others throats (such as this recent article detailing the fight between Ryan Dean and Dan Dubois), it seems inevitable that if I scratch the surface even a tiny bit, so much more is revealed.

Such as, for example, Devon Mannix trashing the Proud Boys and other similar alt-light groups:

This would appear to be a little awkward as one of the individuals who traveled to Calgary in order to participate in the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam MEGA Patriot Rally was Brandon Vaughan, a member of the Proud Boys:

Vaughan arrived in Calgary with fellow dude-bros Georges Massaad and Steven Alexander Frey Baelish Greyjoy Clegane Gregory Myatt to attend the.... er.... historic event:

So given how tight Mannix (who also attended the June 24 25 WCAI rally as well as other WCAI organized events) is with Joey DeLuca and Jesse Wielenga (who himself may be out of the movement entirely, at least as of now), ARC and our friends who monitor these groups are left wondering that Mannix's relationship with the WCAI might be now:

Mannix himself provides the answer. In short, the relationship between himself and the WCAI, as well as Myatt and Ronny Cameron, is not good.

Not at all:

In the video that attacks non-European Canadians, Muslims, and Jews, Mannix takes time to trash the WCAI, Myatt, Cameron, Kevin Goudreau, and other "patriot groups." The main purpose of the video however appears to be to promote yet another fringe political group, and I use the term "group" somewhat ironically:

Meet Travis Parton, the leader and founder of (sigh....) the Canadian Nationalist Party. Though ARC has been keeping an eye on him for a while, I haven't really seen the purpose of writing about him since, if it can be believed, he was even more irrelevant than Kevin Goudreau. However back in August Patron was briefly in the news regarding a rally he was planning for Toronto which was to take place in September.

Or rather, a rally he was planning for Toronto which he cancelled:
Having called a Sept. 14 rally at the University of Toronto to discuss the “nationalist movement in Canada and the future of our country,” Travis Patron of Redvers, Sask. has now belatedly called it off as tensions simmer after developments in Charlottesville, Va. 
“We agree that it is not a good idea to go ahead with the event …” the head of the newly-formed right-wing Canadian Nationalist Party (CNP), said in a video posted online. “We may be booking a future event and rescheduling; as of now, this event will not take place.” 
Patron, who graduated from the University of Saskatchewan during the fall 2014 convocation and specialized in economic policy, said the decision to pull the event had been made after consultation with the university, which had said Wednesday it would not go ahead on campus. 
The CNP calls for an end to the “psychotic ideology of mass immigration,” according to a video the party posted on Facebook. The party has also expressed concern that those of European ethnicity will become a minority in their own country. The party’s website has a 21-point platform, with other policies listed including the formation of a national citizen militia.
Mannix, formerly Alberta president of the Cultural Action Party and who appears to change alliances like most people change their underwear, provides that 21-point platform which is TOTALLY NOT the product of someone who thinks Jennifer Government and The Iron Dream are how-to manuals:

Yeah, Patron wants to create a national bit-coin mining project. He's sort of obsessed by the subject:
Patron has founded a Bitcoin investment firm called Diginomics, and has written several articles on the subject of cryptocurrency for the website The Cointelegraph.
No, you don't understand. He is REALLY obsessed with bitcoins:

In any case, Mannix has himself become a true-believer in Patron's vision (much to the delight of Patron himself because he is so lonely)....

....though his promotion of the Canadian Nationalist Party has not been particularly smooth:

Eventually, Myatt himself comments, leading to a strange back and forth argument over who is whiter:

All of this makes Massaad and Myatt sad:


Chris Hayes, who seems to think he's important, also makes a statement on unity:

He probably doesn't realize that much of the criticism of Myatt is directed at Mannix, which makes this post by Hayes on his own profile even more unfortunate from a unity point-of-view:

Oh, and then there is this which, while unrelated, deserves some mention:

Yep, these are the self-proclaimed saviors of the west.

Image result for laughing and shaking head gif

Incidentally, and regarding the Toronto rally Patron had been planning for September. While he might have had to cancel his rally in large part because few would bother showing up, those who came together as a response to Patron's proposed rally and to oppose the ideology he and Mannix promote did hold a rally today:


Good luck with your new party Devon.

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