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Friday, July 13, 2018

Where In The World Is Brandon Vaughan?

This is the eve of the Canadian Combat Coalition rally in Ottawa. Personally I'm not sure exactly how well attended it will actually be. No may be some III militia members, Proud Boys, Northern Guard members, and the Soldiers/Sons/Wolves of Odin. Yep, there are three groups now that "____" of Odin. Really, -20 points for lack of originality. I mean if they wanted to maintain the Norse imagery they could at least have gone with Thor or even Baldur maybe. A group that claims it will not be present in an official capacity at least are La Meute who have said that those groups participating in this event are extremists and that they want no part of it which is, I have to note, rather ironic.

Individuals expected include Kevin Johnston, Steven Myatt and Georges Massaad, Sandra Solomon, Ron Banerjee, and Meir Weinstein. Perhaps Ronny Cameron and Kevin Goudreau will also make an appearance, but I'm guessing that "No Show" Goudreau will once again no show.

Anyways, our partners at the Canadian Anti-Hate Network will be covering the event such that it might be. I'm not going to be in the office (i.e my basement) for much of the day but I hope to have a summary of the day's events tomorrow.

However, in thinking of the last big far-right Ottawa rally I couldn't help thinking of our friend, Proud Boy member Brandon Vaughan:

We haven't heard much from Brandon since he dropped out of sight after he was indicted for assault in Washington DC. Unlike February where he was arrested near Parliament Hill, it seems unlikely that he'll be present at this rally, but who knows?

Anyways, I got to thinking today where Brandon might be. Then I remembered that he contacted ARC last year on Facebook. As I was about to go on vacation I didn't have time to chat but I did promise that I would do so on my return mid August. Long story short I had completely forgotten about the brief exchange until today. I decided to see if he was interested in talking:

Unfortunately, when I tried to send the message, the following came up:

Seems he isn't all that interested in having that meeting he wanted back on July 10, 2017.

If anyone has any information at all regarding Brandon Vaughan, ARC would be very interested in hearing back from you.

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