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Monday, July 09, 2018

Guest Article: New Developments in Quebec Racism, Fascism and Nationalist Fuckery

Quebec correspondent here. It’s been a while. Are you ready for a roundup of what’s been happening here in 2018? Here we go:

When we last spoke, Dave Treg (formerly of Soldiers of Odin Québec and Storm Alliance) had quit activism (now he calls himself JUG for ‘Juste un Gars’ (Just a Guy) and hangs out with ex-Meute members), Atalante had started a Montréal cha

The end of winter and most of spring were pretty calm, (except online, because the far-right never stops posting awful stuff online.) Part of that may have been due to the weather and the fact that less asylum seekers were crossing irregularly into Canada when it was cold and snowy.

But they were quick to get back on their bullshit. Some Meute and SOO members went to a conference about the far-right at a college in the suburbs of Montréal and harrassed the participants and students and provoked some confrontations (to, of course paint themselves as the good guys who are being attacked by the ‘’regressive left.’’) Alatante and SOO also tried to organize some ‘’charitable’’ actions in an attempt to make themselves look better.

And then in May, we learned that one of the biggest figures of the online fachosphere was from Montréal (he has since moved out) and a lot of chatlogs of the fascist alt-right were made public thanks to the great job of anti-fascist activists and some journalists. Atalante went to the Montréal offices of Vice and intimidated the journalists that had written about them (one of them has since been arrested for this.)

But of course they never stop working for The Cause, and on May 19, Storm Alliance organized another protest at Lacolle, at the border between the US and Canada to protest irregular immigration which they believe is all a ploy to ethnic cleanse the whites. But this time they had a star with them. Indeed, famous crypto-fash Faith Goldy was there to do some ‘’journalism’’ or whatever she does. She walked to the counter-protesters gathered there and started filming them, asking them which side they were on, pretending to be naive about all of this. She was met with anger and was asked to leave, and her phone was pushed off her hands. She, of course, used that footage to spin the situation in her favor, saying she had been attacked by antifa and that they were everywhere, always looking to get her. Which is hypocritical to say the least, since a counter-protester was literally attacked by the III% militia at the same demo, where she was pushed to the ground, had her wallet stolen and her identity published online. In Québec, Goldy had never been a big deal but some of the younger far-right members knew her and helped spread her message. DMS, a mostly online duo of far-right trolls (Guillaume Beauchamp and Maxime Morin) used her footage to make a video doxxing some of the protesters who confronted her at the border and encouraging people to harass these activists. DMS are mostly known for a video they made in 2017 where they claim that the left and the anti-fascists in Montréal are all paid protesters who are using students’ money to pay for their actions (all of this because well-known activist Jaggi Singh used to work for a progressive research center at Concordia University which is partly funded by a small fee taken from tuitions.) Some of the older nationalists at the anti-immigration protest took a liking to Goldy too, making videos and social media posts about the poor beautiful journalist who was savagely attacked by the Soros gang.

So when she organized her own demonstration at the border, many of those Québecois decided to help her mobilize. The newly formed group Québec Libre en Action (Free Québec in Action) with at its head Jonathan ‘’John Hex’’ (formerly of SA) and Pierre Dion (a seemingly new face in the movement) were part of the organizers. They were again met by a solid anti-fascist, anti-fascist and pro-immigration resistance at the border.

They also went to protest the G7 and globalization (but of course not with the other protests, those are bad antifa protests) and ended up being less than a dozen inside the self-expression pen that the G7 had put up, ranting about conspiracies.

Québec Libre en Action then decided to join a demonstration organized by the Front Patriotique du Québec, a separatist group who always organize very small marches in Montréal on July 1 to protest Canada Day, and they brought with them the III% militia and a lot of anti-immigrant people. Which is funny since La Meute and Storm Alliance also had planned a demo on July 1, also in Montréal. There was a lot of internal disagreements between the groups because La Meute and SA are not specifically separatists and the FPQ and QLeA are. So while they could have joined forces, they didn’t, and La Meute and SA were preventing from marching by a group of around 200 protestors while the other march happened with little coverage from the media. It’s okay though, because Pierre Dion filmed the whole thing on Facebook live and we can see the group yelling at passersby and asking them if they love their Québec and if they are immigrants. Classy stuff.

These days, Dion is organizing a legal action against the government because he was told that if one Native person deposits an injunction against irregular immigration, it would immediately stop (!!). He finally ‘’found his indigenous guy’’ so we’ll see how well that goes.

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