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Thursday, July 19, 2018

WCAI Turning Into Parody.... I Mean Even More So

Sometimes it is easy to forget how ridiculous and laughable the groups and individuals this blog tracks can be. This is especially true when one comes across a post in which the subject casually discusses which race (or ideology) he would like to "Holocaust":

But then he reminds you of how worthy of ridicule and mockery he really is:

Oh Joey! You're over the top rhetoric never fails to make me smile.

I suppose taking "Toronto back WCAI style with no mercy, no retreat and no surrender" means you'll be clumsily reading a cliche-filled script at a poorly attended rally in which you will make yourself look to be a buffoon? Because that's sort of what you're known for,

I mean, this is assuming that he will actually be able to raise the finances to get there in the first place:

If this wasn't funny enough, Joey claims to be training for the rally.

No, really:

He seems to genuinely think that THIS is intimidating:

My god, it's like watching a 12 year old boy using gym equipment for the first time.

You want to injure your lumbar? Because this is how you injure your lumbar!

So, when (or if) Joey and the WCAI make their way to Toronto, what burning issue will be the focus of their righteous rage?

If one of his more recent posts is any indication, breakfast menus:

The responses are so unbelievably surreal one might think that they were responding to a troll by Sacha Baron Cohen:

"Sure we casually throw around racial epithets, but don't call us racists!"
 Finger on the pulse of the culture right there.

Now, in response to some of the claims such as those that blame Muslims or suggest that it is somehow un-Canadian to not eat pork products that there are other religious minorities (observant Jews for example) who don't eat pork and other religious minorities (observant Hindus, Jains, and some Buddhists) who don't eat any meat. I might also note that people who are pescetarians, vegetarians, and vegans don't eat pork products either for a variety of ethical and/or health reasons. I could even mention that there are some people who simply don't like the taste of pork and choose not to eat it.

I could mention all of this and more, but none of it is necessary because the claim that Deluca is making is comprised entirely of bullshit:

Western omelettes contain diced ham.... it is sort of what defines the omelette. And there's a good
chance the baked beans have pork in 'em as well, though I can't be certain one way or another.

Now the person who posted this as proof there are not pork products on this menu states the sausages are beef (which I think taste far better than pork link sausages, but my palate may differ than hers):

"Probably" turkey ham? So then, you don't actually know this to be true.

Fine, but generally ham means ham and not turkey unless otherwise stated.

And chorizo is ALWAYS composed of fatty pork.

Oh, and then there's the fact that BC Ferries doesn't have a hot clue what this pack of idiots is going on about:

This is a burning issue for these people.... whether or not a ferry is serving bacon or not.

Because of course it is.


Anonymous said...

I so hope that WCAI and the three brain cell-ers get together on stage again.
That comedy was golden. Like tag team wrestling but low brow.
I think the threepers have become shy, do to the ridicule they faced last year. They should stick on more made up badges then they will taken more serious.

Unknown said...

Lord have mercy! that was entertaining. The collective IQ in that group must lower than that slob Joey's shoe size.