Sunday, May 30, 2010

Update on Kyle McKee: March 30, 2010

We've been receiving bits and pieces of information concerning Kyle McKee who was recently released from the Calgary Remand Centre (he had been incarcerated on attempted murder and weapons charges, though those charges were dropped when McKee plead guilty to being in possession of bomb making materials). One message we received stated that McKee was seen speaking to a woman at an apartment complex and that McKee had grown out his hair.

Today McKee, or someone claiming to be McKee, posted a message on Stormfront today in the thread in which Paul Fromm announced McKee's release. We write, "someone claiming" based on the fact that Natalie S. had posted a couple of messages in February using McKee's Stormfront account. So how can we be sure that it is McKee this time?

Well the functional illiteracy pretty much confirms that it is McKee writing (friendly suggestion, Kyle, is that you let Natalie S. proof read your posts before you publish them).

McKee appears to be pretty smug, doesn't he? But then considering he has beaten attempted murder charges and weapons charges, isn't permitted to associate with two people only (the target of the bombing and his then 17 year old co-accused) and he only has a single year of probation, we don't know if we can blame him.


Turns out, there are a few other conditions imposed on McKee. First McKee has been given a 10 year firearm prohibition. Second, and more interesting, is that it's been reported that one of the conditions for the Crown dropping charges was that McKee would provide information about his fellow travellers. As the charges were dropped, we can only assume that he lived up to his side of the agreement.

McKee (left holding gun) with Tyler Lupkoski, July or August 2006

The waters are still a little muddied for other "White Nationalists." While Paulie was trumpeting McKee's release on Stormfront, he was doing so on his Facebook page as well. It appears that not all completely trust that McKee is completely innocent of the crimes for which he was charged, a double sin considering he was accused of attacking other members of, "the Movement":

The entire truth hasn't come out yet? It seems that Paulie might know more about the case than he's made known. Perhaps he'd be willing to sit down with police investigators and provide them with that information? After all, we can't have people bombing others now, can we? And goodness knows that Paulie, as a well-respected member of, "the Movement" would not want to be associated with such unsavoury criminal activities.

Paul Fromm marching with Aryan Guard, March 21, 2009

As for McKee, he writes that, "the boots are back on the ground and and we are giveing [sic] this city HELL." Kyle, who is "we"? From what we determine, most of the founding members of the Aryan Guard have left. Ryan is gone. So is Dallas. We can't see Rob having anything to do with you. Bill Noble, while celebrating your release, is the moderator of a forum for an Edmonton based "group" (though it might be a stretch to say they're organized to any significant degree) that can't stand you or the Aryan Guard. You've got Marleau still, but really what is he worth? At best, you have a few teenagers.

That doesn't mean that you can't still get into, or cause, some trouble, but it does mean that the Aryan Guard and any new movement you try to start are lame ducks.


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Dallas? Is he still a part of the racist movement?

Anonymous said...

wow...hes an odd looking guy.

web88 said...

His face reminds me of a bat. Or maybe some form of rodent?

Anonymous said...

Dallas left awhile back. Has nothing to do with anyone or Organization.