Saturday, May 29, 2010

More on Courtenay, BC Racial Assault Trial

As the mainstream media reported yesterday, and as we discussed in our article yesterday, the defence is trying to portray the accused as the real victims and that Jay Phillips, the person whose attack was captured on video and published to YouTube, was the aggressor. We understand the role of the defence is to be an advocate for your client, however we have some difficulty understanding how three men (four including the driver who didn't participate in the assault) driving a big truck would feel threatened by a lone man walking down the street.

The accused are also claiming that Mr. Phillips wasn't attacked because of his race. Sure, they may have shouted a few racial epithets, but that was in the heat of the moment and they really didn't mean it. Besides, Mr. Phillips egged them on.

Well, there are some folks who have been covering this case and now trial from day one. We would urge all of our readers to head on over to Keep Courtenay Safe as they have been doing an absolutely fantastic job of digging up information on the three accused, including photos that call into question the claims of the accused that there was no racial bias that motivated their attack on Mr. Phillips (we've received permission to post some of those photos they've uncovered here):

Once again these pictures and others, as well as the best coverage of the case, are found at Keep Courtenay Safe.

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