Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Salman Hossain: Not a Big Fan of Jews Apparently

We've mentioned him before, but Salman Hossain is in the news again.

Our heading is a bit glib and more than an understatement. Mr. Hossain is the person behind the charmingly titled, "Filthy Jewish Terrorists" which attributes, well, pretty much anything he can think of to a vast, Jewish conspiracy. Hossain was a York University student who was suspended as a result of his involvement in the website pending further sanctions, however he ultimately decided to leave the university all together.

We decided to take a look at his website and then immediately felt the need to wash our eyeballs with soap and water. In many ways, it seems to be so ridiculous that one might mistake it for a spoof akin to "The Onion" (evidently it was the Jews who were responsible for the coup in Honduras and for the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995). Except that "The Onion" has yet to advocate genocide. For example, Hossain writes:

All Jews are treasonous, and the punishment includes death. Time to break out the rope and balance the scales of justice.


The most recent accusation revolves around the attempted bombing in New York's Times Square. Of course, the Jews framed the person who has been arrested in the case (Hossain devotes a great deal of his site to conspiracies involving alleged Jewish frame jobs). And again, he advocates mass murder as a response:

The Jewish security threat must be exterminated immediately.

Given that this guy has been known of since 2007 (he was in the news in 2008 when he was supporting the killing of Canadian soldiers here in Canada) and his rhetoric has become more violent and extreme, it really does beg the question as to why hate crime charges have yet to be laid? Then again, hate crime charges are seldom laid against the boneheads we cover here, so we suppose we aren't all that surprised.

OPP probe anti-Semitic website

Latest post advocates killing Jews

Stewart Bell, National Post Published: Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how these websites are allowed to exist. Stormfront and Podblanc and now this one, as well as hundreds more I'm sure. Doesn't free speech have its limits at threats, and haven't these sites threatened others on numerous occassions, going as far as to want genocide? Is that not illegal behaviour, should the people involved not be arrested? I don't understand how they could say it touches on the debate of free speech when he is calling for genocide. It simply makes no sense to me, I am all for free speech, and sure, hate speech does fall into that, but these websites often go much farther than that. This is a perfect example of that.

my blog said...

The reverend Duce at memebee forum is still promoting hatred against visible minorities. last year i reported one of his racist posts an the moderators refuse to ban him

his latest thread is advocating hatred against black Canadians


blaming immigrants for mortgage fraud


my email is sbenchung@yahoo.ca

Anonymous said...

His hate web site http://www.filthyjewishterrorists.org is still online.