Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kyle Is Cold....

.... and wants a blanket, some warm milk, cookies (didn't get that piece of cake at Christmas, perhaps?) and a bed time story:

Shivering in the slammer

By Kyle Robert McKee, Calgary Herald
May 11, 2010

Re: "Chilly weather to continue," May 5.

I really hope your meteorologist with Environment Canada is correct about the temperature starting to rise. I am an inmate at the Calgary Remand Centre, where the heat has remained off over the past couple weeks of winter weather. Must be part of the rehabilitation: "Don't break the law -- you will freeze."

Kyle Robert McKee,


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As this letter isn't rife with grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors, we can only guess that the proof readers on the Calgary Herald staff earned their money on this one.

To the person who clued us in to this letter, thanks.


Anonymous said...


Arbar said...

LOL, aw...

AuntieFa said...

Dear Kyline: If you think remand sucks, just wait for a guilty verdict. The place you will likely be going is an extremely unpleasant place. Being cold will no doubt be the least of your woes. I sincerely hope you are found guilty of these crimes.

Anonymous said...

What a fuc**** idiot!! You do the crime you do the time...jail ain't suppose to be a luxury hotel. Good job Remand Centre!!

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Kyle has learned to read and write while in jail? Maybe this will do him some good.

Anonymous said...

This might be well and good for Kyle McKee, but I think it's ridiculous that any jail in Canada had the heat off during that cold spell.

We don't torture our prisoners do we?

It bothers me, not because it's Kyle McKee (who can burn in hell for all I care--Ironic!), but because we are not a country who tortures it's prisoners by freezing them half to death and by serving up contaminated food.

Check out the Environmental Health Inspection Report on Calgary Remand.


Of course it's not a luxury hotel, but there are other people in there who guilty or not, do not deserve to freeze and be subjected to substandard food and water.

We are not like that and I cannot support this heckling.

Kurt Phillips said...

We agree, but is it a case of McKee being genuinely cold or is it a case of him whining? Given his background, we'd say the latter rather than the former.