Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 2010 Bits and Bites

It looks like a few boneheads are talking about the Fromm story on Nazi Watch Toronto that we linked to. And it appears their little hearts have been crushed:

To be fair, another poster soon dismissed the allegation as having been made up by "antis" to discredit Paulie. We don't think that's the case though.

Oh, that's right. We forgot to let the folks of the web-based White Nationalist Legion know that we've been on their forums for months:

We haven't said much though because you haven't really done much outside of posting online. And really, when two of your most active members are a pudgy 16 year old who thinks he's a National Socialist and a 14 year old girl who doesn't appear to understand the tenets of the philosophy she now claims to believe in, how much do we really need to talk about you? But don't worry. We've been identifying the posters just in case it becomes relevant in the future.

But speaking of Blood and Honour, looks like some of the Canadian members, "XiLeD ArYaN" (Eric Kosak; hey, looks like learning those identities is already paying off), "jagermeister88" (John Marleau) and "Exterminance" (Bill Noble) are trying to provide some helpful suggestions to an Italian bonehead who sent threatening messages to the U.S. President:

Probably not a good idea, but perhaps the Canadian boys will be able to help, "ViolentNS" out of this jam? What does Mr. Kosak of Edmonton have to say?

So, Eric suggest that rather than threatening violence, the Italian bonehead should carry out a political assassination? Doesn't seem very helpful to us. Maybe Marleau could be more helpful?

Doesn't look like John knows much about how computers work. It's not as if changing one's location or account will confuse the police for very long.

It's all up to you Billy. Let's see what you've got:

Ookkayyy then. That was........ not helpful.

Now, we realize that Noble is just trying to be provocative and to get a rise out of any anti-racists or police who might be reading his post, but we have to say that of all the acts of violence he would choose, rape isn't the first one we would have thought a White Nationalist would go with. Do our dear readers think Bill is projecting?

Billy? Did something happen to you in jail that you're trying to awkwardly tell people about?


Anonymous said...

This goes back to the last thing I had said about how these websites have gone passed free speech and into threats. If they were brown the US government would already be waterboarding them, or whatever form of torture they pretend is necessary these days.
Or perhaps I am just a very dramatic person.

Anonymous said...

can someone explain to me how one person can gang rape somebody?