Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh, THIS is Going to Be Fun!

So we're sure our readers are familiar with the website, we presume created by Marc Lemire, which focuses on Richard Warman. Of course, the content of the website lean a wee bit towards the negative when dealing with the subject.

Well, our little birdie came across another website and sent us the link:

Richard Warman

We could be wrong, but it looks pretty clear to us that Mr. Warman had more of a hand in creating this particular website.

And the reaction, vitriole, histrionics and rage from the usual suspects begins in:






UPDATE 1: Ohhhh!!!! He linked to us! Which means he reads us!

We are literally squealing with delight!

He likes us! He really likes us!

UPDATE 2: Sigh....... hard for us to smug sometimes with our fat fingers and seeming inability to hit the "g" instead of the "t". But at least we fixed it.


Anonymous said...

From the "What are Others Saying..." page:

“One of the top ten evil Jews in the World” As selected by a Canadian neo-Nazi website with photo between those of Ariel Sharon and Ron Jeremy. Being a small-town WASP boy, I consider this to be a double badge of honour.

Hahahaha! I had a feeling he'd include some bonehead BS. There ya go.

Anonymous said...

Richard Warman has good taste in music! I love him even more now.

Anonymous said...

Something slightly unrelated to add. I saw Kyle Mckee today outside of an apartment building on 17th avenue. He was talking with a girl who i wont assume to name since i never saw her face. By the way they were hanging out it would be safe to say that either he or she lived in the building, it seemed more like he did though. Kyle has grown his hair back, and is sporting more of am 80's white rapper look. But it was definitely him

Anonymous said...

Get a hold of yourself, you sound like those teenaged girls at the 1964 Beatles concert.