Monday, May 17, 2010

An Examination of Marc Lemire: Part V (You Mean There's More?!)

Okay, so we admit now that it looks like we're beating a dead horse. There's nothing wrong with supporting the message even if you find the messenger to be a reprehensible human being but when people are trying to turn Marc Lemire into a sainted free speech martyr, well, we think that a bit of exposure of his real views might be a good thing. In the spirit of free speech and public dialogue, of course.

We've already discuss Lemire's views on race and ethnicity in our first article on this subject. Our second deals with his involvement in the Heritage Front. A third refers to his close relationship with Ernst Zündel. And, to our surprise, we were able to find the transcript of an online chat that Lemire had with James Richardson (posting as "WPCANADA"), a leader of the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team and member of the Tri-Cty Skins which became the subject of our final article. Well. at least we thought it would be our final article.

Turns out, there is more. Much more

We looked a little closer at the transcripts of Richardson's chats wondering if there were anyone else in the Movement that we might be able to get a read on. To our surprise, we found another instance where, "FdaJEWS" (whom we determined based on the evidence to be Marc Lemire) joined in to chat. It was a surprise in part because the chat transcript that we posted previously indicated that Lemire and Richardson were alone in the chat room, however this second transcript showed that there were a number of other individuals involved in a chat, Lemire among them. Eventually we figured out that the chat we had previously posted was occurring at the same time and that Richardson had invited Lemire to join him in a private chat (the one we already posted).

So, what else does Lemire have to say?

We're going to post the entire chat transcript, however Lemire doesn't join the chat until [01:18:56]. Richardson changes his chat name from "WPCANADA" to "Hate88" and then back to "WPCANADA". We aren't sure who the others in the chat are at this point. We'll give out readers a summary:

- [01:18:56] FdaJEWS joins the chat.
- [01:19:20] FdaJEWS posts a message leaving no ambiguity about what, "FdaJEWS" means.
- [01:20:50] FdaJEWS suggests (we presume not seriously) bombing Vancouver due to it's mutlit-racial make-up.
- At [01:21:59], Richardson checks the identity of FdaJEWS. Based on the evidence he greets by his first name, Marc at [01:22:12] and creates a private chat room at [01:22:19]. FdaJEWS confirms his identity at [01:22:55].
- FdaJEWS uses a racial epithet towards First Nations peoples at [01:23:37] and mentions "pakis" at [01:24:03].
- [01:30:05] FdaJEWS agrees that Toronto isn't a great place to live (we suppose this is a matter of personal taste).
- FdaJEWS states his then contact address at [02:22:52] which was (is?) the same as Mr. Lemire.
- At [02:23:39] FdaJEWS and the boys engage in some misogynistic banter until [02:33:39]. We suppose some people will say, "boys will be boys" but there really isn't any justification for this. Oh, and Marc was 26 at the time we was participating in this chat (hardly a babe in the wood innocent by this point).
-Saying that he needs to study, FdaJEWS ends his chat with the guys with an "88" at [02:34:54]. He signs off of the chat [02:34:57] and has an interesting signature.

We'll highlight the area of interest starting with FdaJEWS joining the chat and ending with his signing off:

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[00:23:53] *** Hater88 sets mode: +o Hauser
[00:24:45] <@Hauser> thanks !
[00:24:50] <@Hater88> np
[00:24:52] <@Hater88> whats up
[00:25:11] <@Hauser> well sorry but im really disgusted
[00:25:24] <@Hater88> about"
[00:25:26] <@Hater88> ?
[00:25:32] <@Hauser> ive just been to theater and im shocked at what crap they pumped at me
[00:25:49] <@Hater88> what was it?
[00:25:55] <@Hauser> the movie was as bad as the crowd attending it
[00:26:05] <@Hauser> jay and silent bob strike back
[00:26:25] <@Hauser> i must have seen no less than 15-20 miscegenous couples
[00:26:29] <@Hater88> hahaha I bet that stunk
[00:26:37] <@Hater88> did you go with a girl
[00:27:07] <@Hauser> i did
[00:27:40] <@Hauser> she was as revolted
[00:27:47] <@Hater88> hahaha
[00:29:34] <@Hauser> Hollywood is so evil !
[00:29:59] <@Hater88> LOL, all nigers go to see it?
[00:30:06] <@Hauser> In those fuckin 18 screenroom theatres , theyve created lobotomy laboratories
[00:31:00] <@Hater88> hahaha mindless zombies now
[00:31:06] <@Hauser> you see people act , dress , talk like the fuckin babboons on the screens
[00:31:22] <@Hater88> its our new web site
[00:31:26] <@Hauser> yeah domesticated and docile pukes
[00:31:51] <@Hater88> why did you go see that
[00:32:00] <@Hater88> my mate said jeepers creepers was ok
[00:32:15] <@Hauser> its supposed to have gore
[00:32:23] <@Hauser> still its big budget jew crap
[00:32:35] <@Hater88> it all is
[00:32:38] <@Hater88> no matter what
[00:32:44] <@Hater88> the only way to beat tjhat
[00:32:50] <@Hater88> is to not go at all
[00:33:03] <@Hauser> do you go ?
[00:33:16] <@Hater88> noo
[00:33:23] <@Hater88> maybe 1 time a year
[00:33:28] <@Hater88> when the girl drags me
[00:33:44] <@Hater88> but I wont even goto a vararity stote unles whites own it
[00:33:48] <@Hater88> I am weird that way
[00:33:57] <@Hater88> no chink food
[00:34:04] <@Hater88> barely any pizza places
[00:34:09] <@Hauser> its not Weird !
[00:34:19] <@Hauser> its the way to go !
[00:34:28] <@Hater88> I refuse to give my hard money to anyone that aint whiyte
[00:34:39] <@Hater88> I dont make much and I aint giving it to them
[00:34:40] <@Hauser> These days you gotta be very carefull of what you buy and stuff
[00:34:51] <@Hater88> pahkkis own everything
[00:34:56] <@Hater88> and they are soo dirty
[00:35:01] <@Hater88> I will never eat that shit
[00:35:24] <@Hauser> these days you gotta be radikal not to trample on our principles
[00:35:44] <@Hater88> LOL it is more a personal things
[00:35:57] <@Hater88> in alot of cases I think our movement is old an outdated
[00:36:02] <@Hater88> and it akes us lazy
[00:36:04] <@Hauser> pakis own about every convenience store and variety store in Ontario
[00:36:15] <@Hater88> yup
[00:36:17] <@Hauser> in Québec , its the gooks
[00:36:17] <@Hater88> or chinks
[00:36:55] <@Hater88> I wont let my kids near them, I hate going in elvators when others are in there
[00:37:08] <@Hater88> they try to touch my kids or rub up against them
[00:37:20] <@Hater88> I bought a rottie to fix that
[00:37:22] <@Hauser> do you think in our lifetime that Canada will be refered to as a "formerly white country"
[00:37:27] <@Hater88> they wont go in the elevator now
[00:37:33] <@Hater88> and I take her everywhere
[00:37:39] <@Hater88> no
[00:37:42] <@Hater88> I dont
[00:37:45] <@Hater88> and that sadnes me
[00:37:51] <@Hater88> but we started a new program
[00:37:57] <@Hater88> its not much but it will help
[00:38:11] <@Hauser> Vinland voice ?
[00:38:23] <@Hater88> nooo
[00:38:32] <@Hater88> hmm itrs an outreach program
[00:38:44] <@Hauser> oh yeah !
[00:38:46] <@Hater88> thier are solid white doods in some shitty countries
[00:38:55] <@Hater88> like costa ricca, romania etc etc.
[00:38:59] <@Hauser> like Argentina
[00:39:06] <@Hauser> Chili
[00:39:25] <@Hater88> and since canada MUST bring over immigrants we are gonna start sponcering white immigrants instead of muds
[00:39:36] <@Hater88> its not much bit everylittle bit helps
[00:39:41] <@Hater88> yes
[00:39:46] <@Hater88> affrica
[00:39:47] <@Hauser> I think its a good idea
[00:39:51] <@Hauser> its concrete action
[00:39:59] <@Hater88> it is a start
[00:40:05] <@Hauser> yeah theyre getting butchered in South africa
[00:40:53] <@Hater88> yup
[00:40:59] <@Hauser> its a formerly white country
[00:41:00] <@Hater88> and it is disgusting
[00:41:20] <@Hauser> Niggers have declared war , yet we hear nothing of it on the news
[00:42:04] <@Hater88> why would we
[00:42:22] <@Hater88> its only the heartles whites being slaughtered, Genocide come to mind
[00:42:43] <@Hater88> and since we have dominated with such brutality for so llong
[00:42:45] <@Hater88> no one cares
[00:42:51] <@Hater88> we should all feel guilty
[00:42:54] <@Hater88> ohh poo hoo
[00:42:57] <@Hater88> poor nigers
[00:43:01] <@Hater88> fuck them
[00:43:43] <@Hauser> Yeah exactly fuck that
[00:43:49] <@Hauser> we owe the niggers nothing
[00:44:14] <@Hauser> in fact here in Canada , weve always been a haven for runaway slaves
[00:44:30] <@Hater88> the end of the underground railroad
[00:44:36] <@Hater88> fucking joke that is
[00:44:43] <@Hater88> if they knew what we know now
[00:44:55] <@Hater88> them would have been throwing them niggers over the falls
[00:45:02] *** Hater88 is now known as WPCANADA
[00:45:35] <@Hauser> Exactly !
[00:45:48] <@Hauser> Every man that still acted like a man
[00:46:11] <@WPCANADA> I am sickened
[00:46:18] <@Hauser> instead of some fashion obssesed , perfume wearing disco fag
[00:46:19] <@WPCANADA> I had such love for this country
[00:46:21] <@Hauser> or wigger
[00:46:22] <@WPCANADA> hold on
[00:46:29] <@WPCANADA> I have a web page for you to look at
[00:46:34] <@WPCANADA> it will take time
[00:46:35] <@Hauser> Sure
[00:46:37] <@WPCANADA> but it is good
[00:47:15] <@WPCANADA>
[00:47:21] <@WPCANADA> each section is huge
[00:47:29] <@WPCANADA> but this dood has alot of good points
[00:47:35] <@WPCANADA> on many many subjects
[00:47:46] <@WPCANADA> I havent read it all yet but,,,hmm he makes me think
[00:47:48] <@Hauser> im on it
[00:47:58] <@WPCANADA> and he exposes alot of lies in canada
[00:48:25] <@Hauser> thats what i need to do right now , inform myself and think what im gonna be doing in the near future
[00:49:00] <@WPCANADA> yup
[00:49:11] <@WPCANADA> we all have to step forward and think different
[00:49:15] <@WPCANADA> think big
[00:49:18] <@WPCANADA> and smartly
[00:50:14] <@Hauser> EXactly my point , im willing and ready to take a stand !
[00:52:23] <@Hauser> oh boy , im looking at the visible minorities chart of the large ontario cities , frightening
[00:54:52] <@WPCANADA> yup
[00:54:59] <@WPCANADA> it gets worse
[00:55:17] <@WPCANADA> some of what he writes is right in front of our noses and I didnt even see
[00:55:18] <@WPCANADA> it
[00:55:23] <@WPCANADA> or didnt care
[00:55:26] <@WPCANADA> but fuck
[00:55:35] <@WPCANADA> this country is communist
[00:56:50] <@Hauser> weve had a hard time getting rid of a fuckin senile queen , its Canuckstan
[00:57:46] <@WPCANADA> man
[00:57:51] <@WPCANADA> there is a part there that says
[00:58:51] <@WPCANADA> the liberals ar bying voyes and the chretian will be in power for ever
[00:59:40] <@Hauser> He's a shame to every person i know
[00:59:58] <@WPCANADA> yup
[01:00:03] <@WPCANADA> and it is getting worse
[01:00:18] <@Hauser> because they want to let in even more
[01:00:25] <@Hauser> exclusively third world too
[01:00:27] <@WPCANADA> like I think iyt is bci paid 3 grand so the prime minister can golf with a nigger
[01:00:38] <@WPCANADA> and just as their licening is up for renewal
[01:00:44] <@WPCANADA> that is illeagal but it happens
[01:00:55] <@WPCANADA> sheila cops the ex deputy pm
[01:01:00] <@WPCANADA> she is from my town
[01:01:13] <@WPCANADA> promised if the gst wasnt scraped she would retire
[01:01:14] <@WPCANADA> huh
[01:01:19] <@WPCANADA> she did allright
[01:01:25] <@WPCANADA> and Hamilton issooooiberal
[01:01:50] <@WPCANADA> she just ran for office the next day spending miillions in tax money to win and be right back
[01:01:57] <@WPCANADA> and then they all get raises
[01:02:03] <@WPCANADA> I am sick of this
[01:02:08] <@WPCANADA> If quebec seperates
[01:02:12] <@WPCANADA> I am going with it
[01:02:20] <@Hauser> i cant believe why people still vote and support these bastards when its one lies after another
[01:02:48] <@WPCANADA> were retarted
[01:02:50] <@WPCANADA> think mna
[01:02:58] <@WPCANADA> someone bings you here
[01:03:06] <@WPCANADA> and they give you everything
[01:03:13] <@WPCANADA> and all they want is your vote
[01:03:25] <@WPCANADA> and if they win they will let your family here
[01:03:31] <@WPCANADA> who ya gonna vote for?
[01:03:33] <@Hauser> Well im all for it , but the situation isnt getting better for it , every immigrant that immigRATES to Québec , its an assured federalist liberal fucker
[01:03:49] <@WPCANADA> exactly
[01:03:56] <@WPCANADA> and they will vote liberal
[01:04:11] <@WPCANADA> the liberals get well over new votes a year
[01:04:12] <@Hauser> theyre too stupid to have a global picture of our situation
[01:04:20] <@WPCANADA> they dont care
[01:04:35] <@WPCANADA> it is a careful sceme that is a hidden dictatorship
[01:04:41] <@Hauser> They have no attachment to our land which was founded by our ancestors
[01:05:09] <@WPCANADA> I am sickened
[01:05:17] <@WPCANADA> and my heart wrenches when I soeak of it
[01:05:22] <@WPCANADA> truley
[01:05:35] <@WPCANADA> and I dont know what to do
[01:06:07] <@Hauser> I know exactly how you feel , more than what irc can show
[01:06:44] <@Hauser> i have a deep sense of hopelessness and sadness knowing before hand what lies ahead
[01:07:10] <@WPCANADA> :-(
[01:07:18] *** kitten (SpankMyAss@ Quit (Always remember that you're unique, just like everybody else. )
[01:07:23] <@WPCANADA> I wish we had something
[01:07:29] <@WPCANADA> anything that showed hope
[01:09:02] <@WPCANADA> I wish we had balls
[01:09:04] <@WPCANADA> as a people
[01:09:10] <@WPCANADA> balls enough to revolt
[01:09:18] <@WPCANADA> blow up government buildings
[01:09:25] <@WPCANADA> take down the jew temples
[01:09:33] <@WPCANADA> and make this once more our land
[01:09:47] <@WPCANADA> with out this government
[01:09:56] <@WPCANADA> both french and english would be fine
[01:10:19] <@WPCANADA> people wouldn't/shouldnt care what pour cousins in quebec do. let it all be french
[01:10:31] <@WPCANADA> but people have to step in make issues of everything
[01:10:42] <@WPCANADA> whine about everything
[01:10:51] <@WPCANADA> bring in imigrants that will help
[01:11:03] <@WPCANADA> fuck I am talking alot today
[01:11:27] <@Hauser> economically , it might make short term sense to bring them in , but its socially devastating
[01:11:48] <@WPCANADA> nooo
[01:12:01] <@WPCANADA> not considering that our heath care cant handle it
[01:12:02] <@Hauser> Québec might not even Exist in like 50 years
[01:12:09] <@WPCANADA> our schools are overflowing
[01:12:27] <@WPCANADA> and welfare is ready to burst and our pesions are practicly gone
[01:12:43] <@WPCANADA> pensipons
[01:12:54] <@WPCANADA> I cant even type I am do mad
[01:13:09] <@WPCANADA> so
[01:13:15] <@Hauser> were litterally getting our heritage being taken away from us in as less than one genration
[01:13:37] <@WPCANADA> do you know that chretian is barely gaurded
[01:13:49] <@WPCANADA> his police are ajoke
[01:13:57] <@WPCANADA> it would take nothing to....
[01:13:59] <@Hauser> absolutely
[01:14:01] <@WPCANADA> :)
[01:14:15] <@WPCANADA> I have been like 2 feet from him
[01:14:21] <@WPCANADA> and I never had a gun
[01:14:28] <@Hauser> just a well organised group, well planned , lightning wuick action and Boom hes a goner
[01:14:30] <@WPCANADA> I will NEVER make that mistake again
[01:14:38] <@WPCANADA> 1 person
[01:14:38] <@Hauser> lol
[01:14:40] <@WPCANADA> thats it
[01:14:48] <@WPCANADA> maybe a suicide mission
[01:15:00] <@WPCANADA> but a hero he would be
[01:15:03] <@Hauser> hes the biggest traitor Canada has even had
[01:15:08] <@WPCANADA> yup
[01:15:15] <@WPCANADA> bigger them mulruney
[01:15:29] <@WPCANADA> trudeu is close though
[01:15:40] <@Hauser> this gives Québec a real nasty reputation !
[01:15:46] <@WPCANADA> noooo
[01:15:53] <@WPCANADA> it is all on the liberals dood
[01:15:57] <@Hauser> all 3 were/are from Québec
[01:16:32] <@WPCANADA> because canada has to have a bilingual pm/ it is just coincidence'
[01:17:07] <@Hauser> Yeah ! well ask someone in B.C what he thinks about Québec
[01:17:21] <@Hauser> id like to see him say something that wasnt derogatory
[01:17:32] <@WPCANADA> I lived in bc
[01:17:36] <@WPCANADA> and I know the scoop
[01:17:44] <@WPCANADA> it is because they are told lies
[01:17:49] <@WPCANADA> and they dont understand
[01:17:58] <@WPCANADA> they dont have the problams we have
[01:18:00] <@WPCANADA> not yet
[01:18:05] <@WPCANADA> its getting their though
[01:18:19] <@WPCANADA> until recently those cowboys didnt face our problam
[01:18:44] <@Hauser> now theyre feeling the asian invasion eh
[01:18:45] <@WPCANADA> please dont blame them for the lies they have been taught
[01:18:52] <@WPCANADA> they dont like ontario either
[01:18:56] *** FdaJEWS ( has joined #wpcanada
[01:18:56] *** X changes topic to ' Join our newsletter list e-mail ( ) '
[01:19:07] <@WPCANADA> but its like someone is tring to pull everyone apart
[01:19:12] <@Hauser> they call it the dirty east
[01:19:20] fuck the jews buddy
[01:19:21] <@Hauser> fuckin partitionnists
[01:19:28] <@WPCANADA> next time they say that
[01:19:41] <@WPCANADA> ask them when they were last in Surrey BC
[01:19:51] <@WPCANADA> or new westminster
[01:19:51] slurry you mean
[01:19:52] <@Hauser> Yids are our historically sworn ennemies
[01:19:56] <@WPCANADA> or downtown Van
[01:20:03] <@WPCANADA> or china town in Calgary
[01:20:20] <@WPCANADA> shitwholes
[01:20:21] <@Hauser> seems new westminster , is new Beijing
[01:20:26] <@WPCANADA> once great places
[01:20:38] <@WPCANADA> yup
[01:20:47] <@WPCANADA> all over bc is gooks gooks goooks
[01:20:50] i saw bomb vancouver off the map
[01:20:57] saw = say
[01:21:05] leave North Van thou.
[01:21:10] and parts of Vic
[01:21:15] <@WPCANADA> noerth van aint bad but
[01:21:16] <@Hauser> i like your ideas FdaJews
[01:21:20] <@WPCANADA> what a waste to
[01:21:32] <@WPCANADA> bc by the coast is sooo beautiful
[01:21:37] <@WPCANADA> and it looks like shit
[01:21:54] <@WPCANADA> maybe the island is still safe but..
[01:21:57] not so beautiful now, littered with old rusty ships that "washed ashore"
[01:21:59] *** 14<> 14>
[01:21:59] *** Nickname: 02 FdaJEWS Ident: 02 WHITEPOWER
[01:21:59] *** Real name: 02
[01:21:59] *** Host-address: 02
[01:21:59] *** Origin: 02 Network
[01:21:59] *** On channel(s): 02 #wpcanada +#kkk
[01:21:59] *** On server: 02 *
[01:21:59] *** 02The Undernet Underworld
[01:21:59] *** 14<> 14>
[01:22:12] <@WPCANADA> how ya doing marc
[01:22:19] *** WPCANADA sets mode: +o FdaJEWS
[01:22:24] <@FdaJEWS> the island is full of hippies, weirdo's and... doug chirstie. need i say more?
[01:22:55] <@FdaJEWS> lol my f da jews facade has been blown.
[01:23:10] <@Hauser> maybe the only place left for the white man is in the rural communities
[01:23:30] <@FdaJEWS> not the Okanogan, iut's full of sheiks
[01:23:31] <@WPCANADA> hahaha
[01:23:37] <@FdaJEWS> and north of it, damn chugs everywhere
[01:23:42] <@WPCANADA> sheiks are everywhere
[01:23:48] <@Hauser> whats a sheiks
[01:23:52] <@Hauser> kikes ?
[01:24:03] <@FdaJEWS> paki's dude
[01:24:17] <@WPCANADA> smelly
[01:24:21] <@WPCANADA> turban wearing
[01:24:27] <@WPCANADA> sword carrying
[01:24:29] <@WPCANADA> pahkis
[01:24:30] <@Hauser> i hate those brown turds
[01:24:41] <@Hauser> Ottawa is full of them
[01:24:48] <@WPCANADA> yup
[01:24:55] <@Hauser> mainly convenience store clerks and taxi drivers
[01:25:10] <@WPCANADA> arent all taxi guys pahkis
[01:25:38] <@FdaJEWS> hauser your from ottawa?
[01:25:46] <@Hauser> Hull
[01:25:53] <@Hauser> where you from
[01:25:56] <@FdaJEWS> poor you.
[01:25:57] <@FdaJEWS> lol
[01:26:02] <@WPCANADA> hauser would never live in ontario
[01:26:02] <@WPCANADA> LOL
[01:26:20] <@Hauser> got that right , im a country poor at heart
[01:26:29] <@Hauser> boy
[01:26:49] <@Hauser> Ottawa is a fuckin scummy shithole eh
[01:26:51] <@WPCANADA> :)
[01:27:02] <@Hauser> where are you from FdaJews
[01:27:49] <@FdaJEWS> Toronto
[01:28:12] <@Hauser> Poor You then !!!
[01:28:21] <@FdaJEWS> lol true
[01:28:52] <@Hauser> still its not so bad im sure
[01:29:24] <@WPCANADA> noo
[01:29:28] <@WPCANADA> toronto is the worse
[01:29:30] <@WPCANADA> I know
[01:30:05] <@FdaJEWS> ya i have to agree with that one
[01:30:11] <@FdaJEWS> it is a fucking shit hole
[01:30:29] <@Hauser> No Doubt ! montréal would be second worst
[01:30:55] <@Hauser> i really had the feeling i was in an Urban JUNGLE
[01:36:57] <@WPCANADA> fdajews, good reading, it is big but worth it
[01:36:58] <@WPCANADA>
[01:37:46] <@Hauser> he has some good points
[01:37:55] <@WPCANADA> yup
[01:37:57] <@WPCANADA> a few
[01:38:04] <@Hauser> i dont agree with everything , but it should be debated
[01:38:04] <@WPCANADA> he is a thinker
[01:38:12] <@FdaJEWS> who wrote it?
[01:38:20] <@WPCANADA> ????
[01:39:10] <@FdaJEWS> what a shitty graphic at the top!
[01:39:14] <@FdaJEWS> the multi-culti's
[01:42:35] <@Hauser> those fuckers !
[01:53:12] <@Hauser> is voice of vinland and CECT he same newsletter ?
[01:53:32] <@WPCANADA> what do you mean
[01:53:39] <@WPCANADA> it is run by the same people
[01:53:40] <@WPCANADA> yes
[01:54:24] <@Hauser> but should i subscribe to voice of vinland as well , or will that automatically replace the CECT e-newsletter
[01:55:05] <@WPCANADA> it is diff.
[01:55:14] <@WPCANADA> I dont think you are on the voice list
[01:55:32] <@WPCANADA> email
[01:55:33] <@Hauser> on the CECT one i am
[01:55:43] <@Hauser> i think !
[01:56:09] <@Hauser> what is the voice list
[01:56:24] <@WPCANADA> just the vinland voice newsletter
[01:57:21] <@Hauser> well i sent my email address to that email address you wrote
[01:59:04] <@WPCANADA> ok
[01:59:06] <@WPCANADA> great
[01:59:08] <@WPCANADA> it is weekly
[01:59:12] <@WPCANADA> every friday
[01:59:22] <@WPCANADA> and if you want to contribute feel free
[02:00:31] <@Hauser> i write political texts , but only in french
[02:01:06] <@Hauser> a few of them have appeared on the unité Radicale website which is in France
[02:04:40] <@WPCANADA> can you write in english?
[02:05:05] <@WPCANADA> maybe something about the french canadian racialists views
[02:05:10] <@WPCANADA> on the scene
[02:05:12] <@WPCANADA> on Canada
[02:05:20] <@WPCANADA> in general
[02:06:59] <@Hauser> it could be an interesting viewpoint
[02:07:16] <@WPCANADA> yes it could
[02:07:25] <@WPCANADA> we have readers all over n. america
[02:07:56] <@WPCANADA> and a huge reader base in england
[02:08:12] <@WPCANADA> we have a director down there recruiting and shit for us
[02:08:40] <@Hauser> Very good
[02:11:28] <@Hauser> people might be more receptive to it there with the 4-5 riots they had over there this summer
[02:12:03] <@WPCANADA> yup. and they love canadians
[02:12:20] <@Hauser> is that right ?
[02:12:22] <@Hauser> howcome
[02:12:29] <@WPCANADA> I dont know, LOL
[02:12:32] <@Hauser> they hate the yanks ????
[02:12:35] <@WPCANADA> yup
[02:12:49] <@Hauser> most of europe does , especially France
[02:13:21] <@WPCANADA> yup
[02:14:17] *** WPISRAEL ( has joined #wpcanada
[02:14:18] *** X changes topic to ' Join our newsletter list e-mail ( ) '
[02:14:55] *** WPCANADA sets mode: +o WPISRAEL
[02:15:09] <@Hauser> haha
[02:15:10] <@WPISRAEL> 88
[02:15:12] <@WPCANADA> dood, I never got the commic
[02:15:28] <@WPISRAEL> i just sent it today
[02:15:35] <@WPCANADA> mail
[02:15:48] <@WPISRAEL> it doesn't arrive instantly you know
[02:15:55] <@WPISRAEL> yes xpress
[02:16:01] <@WPCANADA> po box?
[02:16:10] <@WPISRAEL> yes
[02:16:24] <@WPISRAEL> that's the only address i know
[02:16:46] <@WPCANADA> ok, LOL it wont make it in this week then
[02:17:16] <@WPISRAEL> just get whoever checks the box to scan it
[02:17:23] *** Hauser ( Quit (LEs médias d'hollywood on un pied dans l'irréalité et l'autre dans la tombe ! )
[02:18:57] <@WPCANADA> will do
[02:19:03] <@WPCANADA> I am working on that now
[02:19:19] <@WPCANADA> I am a feew hours from to right now
[02:19:43] <@WPISRAEL> bah you could walk that easy does it
[02:19:48] <@FdaJEWS> that you alex?
[02:20:16] <@WPCANADA> noo
[02:20:17] <@WPCANADA> LOL
[02:20:28] <@WPCANADA> wpisreal is in edmonton
[02:20:49] <@FdaJEWS> oh poor him.
[02:20:49] <@FdaJEWS> lol
[02:20:52] <@WPISRAEL> i'm in israel what are you talking about
[02:21:03] <@WPCANADA> damn jews
[02:21:03] <@FdaJEWS> u know ryan?
[02:21:12] <@WPISRAEL> i'm suicide bomber
[02:21:15] <@WPISRAEL> no
[02:21:29] <@WPISRAEL> from here but that's it
[02:21:59] <@FdaJEWS> you know JJ from Edmonton?
[02:22:11] <@WPISRAEL> no
[02:22:21] <@FdaJEWS> how about the NA guys in Calgary?
[02:22:33] <@WPCANADA> carelton
[02:22:52] <@FdaJEWS> 152 carlton!
[02:23:02] <@WPCANADA> hahaha
[02:23:39] <@FdaJEWS> u still see that chick in london?
[02:23:57] <@WPCANADA> yup,
[02:24:00] <@WPCANADA> I do I do
[02:24:07] <@WPCANADA> I see her knaked too
[02:24:08] <@WPCANADA> :)
[02:24:23] <@WPISRAEL> me too
[02:24:23] <@WPCANADA> but sometimes I see nothing
[02:24:50] <@FdaJEWS> lol. just see the top of her head eh
[02:24:51] <@FdaJEWS> lol
[02:25:05] <@WPCANADA> or her back
[02:25:31] <@FdaJEWS> hahah paint her up
[02:25:56] <@WPCANADA> :)
[02:27:00] <@FdaJEWS> make that blond hair sparkle
[02:27:20] <@WPCANADA> enough about that
[02:27:21] <@WPCANADA> LOL
[02:27:42] <@FdaJEWS> hey we can trade for the night
[02:27:46] <@FdaJEWS> ahh, never mind
[02:27:48] <@FdaJEWS> lol
[02:27:53] <@FdaJEWS> I want to bang this other chick now
[02:28:03] <@WPCANADA> who, is she cute?
[02:28:07] <@WPCANADA> bring her here
[02:28:25] <@FdaJEWS> course she is cute. You know I only score hot chicks
[02:28:44] <@FdaJEWS> least they are hot after the 40 oz'er
[02:28:50] <@FdaJEWS> sometimes not in the morning tho
[02:28:53] <@WPCANADA> LOL, with the help of a certain candle holder
[02:28:54] <@WPCANADA> LOL
[02:29:00] <@WPCANADA> that was funny
[02:29:06] <@WPCANADA> I cxant believe you did that
[02:29:10] <@FdaJEWS> hahahah
[02:29:14] <@FdaJEWS> hey it worked
[02:29:21] <@WPCANADA> sskinheads drunk everyewhere
[02:29:36] <@FdaJEWS> lol. ya that was a good one
[02:29:36] <@WPCANADA> and your wining and dining a chick with candles and beer
[02:29:37] <@WPCANADA> hahahahaa
[02:29:50] <@FdaJEWS> but fuck dood, she had some nice tits, so I had to work the "sensitive" angle
[02:29:53] <@FdaJEWS> little did she fucking know
[02:29:55] <@FdaJEWS> lol
[02:30:08] <@WPCANADA> that your not really sensitive
[02:30:14] <@FdaJEWS> xactly
[02:30:15] <@FdaJEWS> lol
[02:30:55] <@FdaJEWS> she figured out about that other chick tho eh
[02:30:56] <@WPCANADA> lol
[02:31:06] <@WPCANADA> how? you getting old
[02:31:09] <@WPCANADA> and slipping
[02:31:24] <@FdaJEWS> nah, i forgot to wash teh lipstick off my underwear
[02:31:29] <@FdaJEWS> lol.. j/k
[02:31:45] <@WPCANADA> hahaha
[02:31:51] <@FdaJEWS> she come over to our place when she was at work, and kinda figured it out
[02:32:04] <@WPCANADA> oooops
[02:32:07] <@FdaJEWS> but being the pimp I am, I never admitted ANYTHING. And she still wonders
[02:32:16] <@FdaJEWS> even tho she foud her underwear, bra's and shit
[02:32:18] <@FdaJEWS> lol.
[02:32:33] <@WPCANADA> you woulda thought I was there with all those naked gals
[02:32:36] <@WPCANADA> hehehehe
[02:33:39] <@FdaJEWS> ah just never admit anything, and she always wonders
[02:34:10] <@FdaJEWS> i gotta go and study some shit before I hit the sack. L88r bro. Hope to see you soon, and we can talk about doing some shit together.
[02:34:39] <@WPCANADA> okj
[02:34:41] <@WPCANADA> great
[02:34:42] <@WPCANADA> wed
[02:34:43] <@WPCANADA> then
[02:34:44] <@WPCANADA> 88
[02:34:46] <@WPCANADA> take catre
[02:34:53] <@FdaJEWS> ya not too sure if I can make it, but i'll try
[02:34:54] <@FdaJEWS> 88
[02:34:57] *** FdaJEWS ( Quit (When I Grab My Sawed OFF... Niggers get Hauled OFF --- Canadian WHITE POWER )
[02:34:58] <@WPCANADA> ok
[02:36:36] <@WPCANADA> denton
[02:36:37] <@WPCANADA> 88
[02:36:39] <@WPCANADA> buddy
[02:36:46] <@WPISRAEL> yeas/
[02:36:52] <@WPCANADA> what up
[02:36:58] <@WPCANADA> you know who that was
[02:36:59] <@WPCANADA> LOL
[02:37:05] <@WPISRAEL> just perousing the paper
[02:37:27] <@WPCANADA> ok
[02:37:42] <@WPISRAEL> perverts the lot of you
[02:37:54] <@WPCANADA> what
[02:38:02] <@WPISRAEL> ahhhh
[02:38:36] <@WPCANADA> bah
[02:38:51] <@WPISRAEL> bah
[02:39:28] <@WPISRAEL> so what's going on
[02:39:30] <@WPCANADA> when did they say it will get in to Toronto
[02:39:37] <@WPCANADA> not much
[02:39:39] <@WPCANADA> tired
[02:39:44] <@WPCANADA> been a bust=y day
[02:39:50] <@WPCANADA> busy
[02:39:51] <@WPCANADA> LOL
[02:39:58] <@WPISRAEL> busty hahhaha
[02:40:17] <@WPISRAEL> it should get in tomorow
[02:40:28] <@WPCANADA> ok, I will have it friday morn then
[02:40:32] <@WPCANADA> wre have a system
[02:40:38] <@WPCANADA> and it takes an extra day
[02:40:42] <@WPCANADA> but it is secure
[02:40:59] <@WPISRAEL> I don't know what you are talking about
[02:41:13] <@WPCANADA> about picking up our mail
[02:41:40] <@WPISRAEL> you pay some homeless streetpunk to go in and get it for you?
[02:41:54] <@WPCANADA> lol
[02:41:55] <@WPCANADA> no
[02:42:05] <@WPCANADA> we get different people all the time
[02:42:07] *** H84All ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[02:42:13] *** JagrMnstr ( has joined #wpcanada
[02:42:14] *** `DeadGrl sets mode: +o JagrMnstr
[02:42:33] <@WPISRAEL> i seen a big crew homeless streetpunks today out strolling about with peanuts like dirtclowds following them
[02:42:39] <@WPCANADA> and then we get it the next day\
[02:42:48] <@WPCANADA> haha
[02:43:01] <@WPCANADA> how are the guys out there doing?
[02:43:11] <@WPISRAEL> they are doing good
[02:43:16] <@WPISRAEL> a very lazy bunch
[02:43:21] <@WPCANADA> why?
[02:43:29] <@WPISRAEL> i don't know
[02:43:36] <@WPCANADA> motivate them
[02:43:47] <@WPISRAEL> will do
[02:43:49] <@WPCANADA> do a flyer campaign
[02:43:59] <@WPCANADA> we just made a new one
[02:44:04] <@WPISRAEL> yeah?
[02:44:06] <@WPISRAEL> is it up?
[02:44:18] <@WPCANADA> about the jewland being declared a racist state
[02:44:20] <@WPCANADA> its good
[02:44:29] <@WPCANADA> I will send it tomotrrow if I can find it, LOL
[02:44:34] <@WPCANADA> 'maybe
[02:44:36] <@WPCANADA> LOL
[02:44:39] <@WPCANADA> I will check
[02:44:51] <@WPISRAEL> send it when you find it if it's not
[02:45:07] <@WPCANADA> yup
[02:45:08] <@WPCANADA> it is
[02:45:16] <@WPISRAEL> yep
[02:46:00] <@WPCANADA> I have a better one though
[02:46:03] <@WPCANADA> I will send it
[02:46:12] <@WPISRAEL> there was a good article in the sun today about "racism is hardly a one-way street"
[02:46:30] <@WPCANADA> sweeet,I will read it
[02:46:37] <@WPISRAEL> this guy is talking about how all the other coutnry's are racist and blah blah etc.
[02:47:52] <@WPCANADA> bah
[02:48:32] <@WPCANADA> listen dood
[02:48:35] <@WPCANADA> I am off to bed
[02:48:39] <@WPCANADA> big day tomorrow
[02:48:40] <@WPISRAEL> The World Conference's 3000 delegates overwhelmingly voted to brand
[02:48:40] <@WPISRAEL> Israel as a; "racist apartheid state," guilty of "war crimes, acts of genocide
[02:48:40] <@WPISRAEL> and ethnic cleansing."
[02:48:47] <@WPISRAEL> shouldn't that be a colan and not a semi-colan
[02:49:05] <@WPISRAEL> what's going on tomorow?
[02:49:05] <@WPCANADA> I dont write them man
[02:49:12] <@WPCANADA> thats a whole diff. dept.
[02:49:13] <@WPCANADA> haha
[02:49:15] <@WPISRAEL> well tell him to fix it
[02:49:20] <@WPCANADA> ok
[02:49:21] <@WPCANADA> LOL
[02:49:23] <@WPCANADA> I will
[02:49:38] <@WPCANADA> I have to get the newspaper going, and I have a ton of articles to read
[02:49:40] <@WPISRAEL> can't put up flyers with puntuation errors
[02:49:41] <@WPISRAEL> jees
[02:49:43] <@WPCANADA> and hget formatted
[02:49:44] <@WPCANADA> etc
[02:49:47] <@WPCANADA> get
[02:49:53] <@WPISRAEL> alrighty then
[02:49:59] <@WPCANADA> until tomorrow
[02:50:00] <@WPCANADA> 88
[02:50:02] <@WPISRAEL> 8
[02:50:04] <@WPISRAEL> 8
[02:50:09] * @WPCANADA is away [sleep] [p-on l-off]
[02:50:09] *** WPCANADA is now known as WPCaway
[02:58:30] * @WPCaway is away [sleep] [8m21s]
[03:06:38] *** WPISRAEL ( Quit (dead babies in duffle bags )
[03:06:50] * @WPCaway is away [sleep] [16m41s]
[03:12:44] *** H84All ( has joined #wpcanada
[03:12:44] *** X changes topic to ' Join our newsletter list e-mail ( ) '
[03:12:45] *** JagrMnstr ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[03:12:45] *** `Dead sets mode: +o H84All
[03:15:11] * @WPCaway is away [sleep] [25m2s]
[03:23:31] * @WPCaway is away [sleep] [33m22s]
[03:31:52] * @WPCaway is away [sleep] [41m43s]
[03:40:12] * @WPCaway is away [sleep] [50m3s]
[03:43:16] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Sep 06 03:43:18 2001

Interesting, no?

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Interesting, yes! I didn't think anyone used IRC back then, or now.