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Monday, October 05, 2009

An Examination of Marc Lemire: Part II

Gee, we let our resident conservative Sparky write an article for the blog and he gets all polite and crap. Bad Sparky! We're known in part for our dry wit and sarcasm! We can't disappoint our readers! Back to the spice mines for you!

In our last posts we discussed some of Lemire's posts that were, shall we say, not necessarily fit for the dinner table. But that isn't all to the Fournier challenge. They also want proof that Lemire was a member of the Heritage Front (other than when he was in his teens or early 20s) of if he was ever the leader:

The FreeDom folks, the Fourniers in particular, seem to know a great deal. They know that Lemire that if Lemire WAS involved in the Heritage Front, that he was involved in his teens and perhaps early 20s. They know that he never served in any leadership capacity, never mind running the whole show. They also know that the Heritage Front was completely and totally created by the Canadian government through CSIS to discredit the right and to force human rights legislation down everyone's throats. They know all this, so one assumes they've done a great deal of research... they certainly would have known the Heritage Front had a website:

Or, perhaps not. Though given Connie's follow-up question, we have to give her credit for tenaciously holding to the "Heritage Front created by the federal government" meme:

Well, to echo the answer already provided, yes Connie, there is a Heritage Front website:

Oh! Looks like the link redirects to Stormfront now. How disappointing. We're sure that the information on the Heritage Front website would have sealed the deal. We guess that the contents of the website will remain a mystery forever.

For those literature majors out there reading this, we think you'll recognize foreshadowing when you see it. ;)

Well then, if we can't view the Heritage Front website, why don't we start with Stormfront?

Harry has already posted one link that Mr. Lemire posted to Stormfront back in 2002. At this point, Mr. Lemire was 27 years old, no longer in his teens and, perhaps early 20s as has been justified. And considering the Bristow affair had been exposed some time ago, our FreeDom friends have to make some pretty big leaps in logic to try and claim that the Heritage Front was a total government fraud, or they have to consider the posibility that Lemire may also be a government agent.

But anyways, perhaps our readers would like to read the other posts by Lemire to Stormfront?
A few of the Heritage Front related posts by Lemire to Stormfront. Most of them were in 2002 and 2003, however an incident in 2005 resulted in a trip down memory lane:

Wolfgang Droege is an interesting figure on the far right. A former Klansman. A would-be mercenary (that whole Dominica coup didn't work out so well). A drug dealer and petty criminal. A man convicted of assault. And the founder of the Heritage Front. Although it's obviously a bit dated, a well done brief biography of Droege (as well as a timeline of the Heritage Front from 1988 to 1994 when the report appears to have been written) can be found here.

Droege's death resulted in an outpouring of emotions by his friends on Stormfront, among whom were Paul Fromm and Marc Lemire:

Lemire even thanks Fromm for writing a, "nice obituary" for Droege (we'll get back to that obituary soon enough):

Paul Fromm is disgusted with the smears (sound familiar?) leveled at Droege in the media:

Uncle Wolf???

Anyways another poster, and someone who claims that his father was in the Heritage Front, is corrected by Lemire (who know's "this for a fact") and Fromm:

Lemire even points a fellow Stormfront poster to information concerning the failed Dominica coup:

But, the most touching moment of all, Lemire was so moved by the death of his friend, Heritage Front founder Wolfgang Droege, that he created a memorial CD to commorate a life lived:

Hey, there's that Heritage Front link again. You know, this is going to bug us. We really wish we can share something about that website, but alas....

What? You mean we can still check out the domain registration? Sparky! You've redeemed yourself!

Looks like it expires on April 2, 2010. And it was registered in Droege's name too before his death. Does that mean that Droege was a CSIS agent? Lemire wrote how well he knew Droege. Hell, he made a memorial CD for him!

But man, if we could get into that website....

WHAT! Screen shots!? Sparky, we're all buying you a drink!

Well there's that memorial CD that Lemire created. But, if Droege is dead, then who could be operating the website?

Oh, remember that obituary that was written by Fromm? Besides Stormfront, guess where else it shows up?


But this is all irrelevant. Sure there are some interesting links, but nothing specifically connecting Lemire directly to the Heritage Front website.

Except these:

Heritage Front business card. Seems that before it had it's own domain name, the Heritage Front was a part of Lemire's Freedomsite. And the Heritage Front mailing list was the same as the Freedomsite's mailing list... almost as if they were the same group.

And then there's this:

Now why would Lemire's Freedomsite url share the same space as that of the Heritage Front's? And that Hamilton P.O. Box... wasn't the headquarters of the Heritage Front in Toronto? Who could have been in Hamilton to collect the mail? Wait, doesn't Marc Lemire live in Hamilton? Wouldn't be interesting to see who owned that postal box?

Well this is all very interesting, but it's not as if we have a picture of Lemire holding the leaflet along with a Heritage Front press release.... right?

You know where this is going now, eh?

Let's see. February 11, 2001. A few days short of 26 years old.

Oh, and remember that link that Harry posted on Stormfront? Has it's origin here:

We also have a few screen shots of their Q&A section. You want to see it? Sure you do!

This one deals with the Bristow Affair (somewhat) and provides a bit of racial theory about Jews:

The Heritage Front are NOT Nazis. They just throw up Nazi, "Sieg Heil" salutes to stick it to the man:

They're not RACISTS. No, they're RACIALISTS. We loves us 'dem euphemisms:

These next two we really love. Try and guess why that is.

Ah, isn't that nice? Droege and Lemire side by side.

So, would it be fair to say that in the Heritage Front of period between 2001 and 2005, Lemire had just a wee bit of a higher profile?

Lemire even felt frisky enough to write letters to the editor, in this case the letter to the University of Waterloo:
Imprint Online: News - January 26, 2001 (Volume 23, Number 24)
Kate Schwass | Imprint staff 
Disturbing hate literature was found on campus in the Student Life Centre this past week. Information sheets from the Heritage Front were found hidden inside books in the Used Bookstore and inside the newspapers outside of the Imprint office. 
"It's really upsetting," commented SLC manager Nancy O'Neill. Many students had approached O'Neill to complain about the literature that was being circulated. "If we saw this happening, we would call the police directly. We would not approach them."Students were also very upset, but thought that by seeing the literature, people were informed. 
"I think it's a good thing that we see it," commented Ali Valli who felt that people need to be made aware of this in order to make up their own minds. 
"It's good that it's at a university and not a primary school," said Gillian Dingle, who felt that the minds of university students are not as impressionable as those of younger children. "I can read it and know that it's full of shit." 
When it was mentioned that the pamphlets were hidden in books and newspapers, Julie MacArthur questioned, "Why do they have to hide it?" 
Lynnette Torok agreed, suggesting that people handing out this information are "ashamed and do not want to talk to students." 
When approached, a member of KW Anti-Racist Action was "doubtful" that the literature was placed on campus by a student, but didn't dismiss the idea either. "There's a lot of local history. They were really active in 1992/93," he claimed. He referred to an incident where a local Jewish woman who openly refuted the Heritage Front had her house burned down twice in one year, allegedly by the Heritage Front. In other words, the Heritage Front is an organization that is not to be taken lightly. 
"In the last three months, there are three new groups that have formed in town . . . there's an increase in activity." 
Another member of the anti-racist group wasn't sure what motivated someone to do this. "I find it really hard to get into the heads and motivations of people that believe this kind of thing." 
The literature that was distributed falls under the Canadian Criminal Law section 319 that deals with the wilful promotion of hatred. A wilful promotion of hatred is defined as "everyone who, by communicating statements other than private conversation, wilfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group is guilty of a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or; b) an offence punishable on summary conviction." Anyone caught distributing hate literature can serve a sentence up to two years in prison. 
The Heritage Front is an organization that many consider a hate group because of their racist comments. Heritage Front claims that they are not a hate group. According to the organization's Web site, "while it is true that we "hate" this current climate of reverse discrimination and minority appeasement programs, it is preposterous to blame the beneficiary of such politics - rather than the author. Contrary to media and government reports, it has never been the aim of Heritage Front to dominate or subjegate any other race." 
One of the newer groups in the area, the Tri-City Skins ask visitors to the site and sign a guestbook where many people fill out a brief survey that includes favourite bar, band and beer. One "Warrior" named Farmer Cletus, whose favourite bar is the Bombshelter, wrote: "We do need to congregate and join. Let's get together and rally, we have much more than we realize. And where the hell is the Heritage Front?" 
UW Police stated that the case is "still under investigation" and that, as of yet, no charges have been laid.
Lemire responded:

Oh, and here are the Heritage Front leaflets that are being discussed:

Oddly, there was also an issue about this poster found in Halifax:

But don't think that the Heritage Front didn't have friends. No, in fact they claimed numerous chapters across Canada, as well as groups they refer to as "supporters." We'll take a look at one province:

Interesting group of supporters. In addition to Paul Fromm's organizations and Melissa Guille's Canadian Heritage Alliance, we have:

1. The C.E.C.T, better known as the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team
2. Tri-City Skins
3. The World Church of the Creator (now known as Creativity after a lawsuit)
4. The National Alliance

Click on those links. Very enlightening and as we've said in another context, talk about the company you keep.

Again, the dilemma for the FreeDom crew is to reconcile what they believe (that Lemire wasn't involved in the Heritage front to any significant extent and the whole operation was run by CSIS) with the facts that:

1. Lemire was posting Heritage Front documents on Stormfront.
2. He appears to have been the Heritage Front webmaster.
3. He was the most visible member and the one who issued the press releases.

So, does that mean that Lemire was a CSIS agent?

So, have we sufficiently established Lemire's late membership in the Heritage Front? Yes? Then moving one.

Now the question of leadership we're not going to spend much time on. We've already established that he had a significant leadership role in the organization, but was he, "the Leader"?

Justice Blais seems to have thought so.

And so did Gerry Lincoln:

Gerry Lincoln isn't just some shlub (well, he was, but bear with us). He was one of the founding members of the Heritage Front. He was the publisher, editor, and main writer of the Heritage Front's magazine, "UpFront." He also was the person who designed this:

So one would think that a founding member of the Heritage Front, the editor/writer of it's magazine, and the designer of the logo might have a little insight into the leadership of the Heritage Front. Also, as the article is published on Lemire's Freedomsite (and as the FreeDom folks have established, Freedomsite is Lemire's baby), then one might reasonably assume that Lemire approves of the article.

We know, it's not good enough for Mark:

We couldn't agree more Mr. Fournier. Common sense does eventually have to come into play.

Next, Lemire's relationship with Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel. More on that later.


Anonymous said...

A number of years ago the Canadian Jewish Congress published a study for what was then the "Metro Toronto" entitled "From Marches to Modems:A Report on Organized Hate in Metro Toronto"

It is to this day one of the best compendiums of historical info on people like Lemire, Fromm, Zundel, Droege and many more.

Nosferatu200 said...

To the anonymous poster who left the link (not the one that we published here, but a second one), thank you. We are aware of it, but we're not letting that out so that the person operating the site doesn't block access (which is possible). Know though that the resource has been utilized.

Anonymous said...

super work, team awesome!