Sunday, October 11, 2009

Talk About the Company He Keeps

Certain readers -- our biggest fans given the attention paid to us by them -- have claimed we engage in, "guilt by association" attacks. Of course, that hasn't stopped them from engaging in the very tactics they decry. Case in point the pro-Palestinian protests that were crashed by some members of the neo-Nazi Aryan Guard:

Heartwarming, isn't it? The Aryan Guard and Anti-Racist Action, putting aside their differences to show their outrage at Israel.

You know what, idiots? I will shake anyone's hand that I damn well please...but, unlike you guys, you will NEVER find me attending any rallies against Israel.

If you want to find anti-Semites, perhaps you should start by looking in your own freaky little organization.

That the presence of the Aryan Guard at the protest was unwelcome and the members told to leave matters little to Mrs. Fournier. That, and as we've mentioned a few times, we aren't the ARA.

Well Mr. and Mrs. Fournier recently appear to have attended Doug Christie's annual George Orwell Free Speech Award dinner in Victoria (UPDATE: Attendance of Mr. and Mr. Fournier at the dinner is now confirmed by Paulie). Among the participant in the event was none other than Paul Fromm.

Paulie has a few more events taking place in British Columbia. For example, on Friday he'll be the speaker (again) at Volksfront Canada's 15th Anniversary celebration:

And what are some of the things that Volksfront Canada stands for?

We wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Fournier had an opportunity to talk to Fromm about his association with Volksfront or, for that matter, with the Aryan Guard with whom he marched with on March 21, 2009, and of whom he paid such lovely compliments to:

Maybe these staunch supporters of Israel had the chance to discuss their concern with his views on the following subjects:
An interesting series, not started by Paulie but engaged in with gusto!
We somehow doubt the conversation was brought up.

To be clear, the ARC Collective don't believe Mr. and Mrs. Fournier are antisemetic. We just think they're hypocrites. Somehow, we think they'll manage to overcome our criticism though.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing who B&D will give Divisions to. Volksfraud and their mixed race prospects. So much for Race Over All, eh Bradley?

Anonymous said...

okok , volksfront is a joke, and is largely inactive in canada but we dont need comments from any c18/b&d losers ... if theres any group out there with mixed race members its c18 haha, bunch of rat goofs get off your computer