Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where Is Nathan Touchette?

NOTE: Would the person who contacted us regarding "Natty" please leave your email address in the comment section. We won't publish it, but we are interested in talking.


One of our readers has noticed that in the Blood and Honour forums, Nathan Touchette is no longer a moderator in the Canadian section. In fact, he appears at this point to be no longer a member of the website.

We wonder if anyone could shed any light on this, purely to satiate our own curiosity?

Nathan Touchette was once a fairly visible bonehead, having participated a few protests and associating with other boneheads. He and Kyle McKee were also the focus of a couple of news articles when they decided to fly a Nazi flag outside the residence in Kitchener they were staying (and subsequently trashed) as well as their desire to move to Calgary to find work in the construction industry.


Then, not long after he left Edmonton where he had been living (at various times with Glen Bahr and Bill Noble), he seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth.


It should also be noted that Touchette was (and most likely remains) a person of interest involving an arson in Edmonton.

His activities online have been sporadic. He last posted on Stormfront (using the handle "Teardown") on March 9, 2010. Between his leaving Edmonton and now, there's been a lot of rumors about his whereabouts, though we do know he was in the UK for a time.

In any case, Touchette's departure from Blood and Honour (at least the forum) leaves the mostly moribund Canadian section with a single Canadian moderator, though in the not too distant past there were as many as 5. In theory. In reality, Chris Vickers hasn't been active in years either.

Maybe that leaves an opening for Marleau.


badtenant said...

regarding Nathan Touchette

He lived in a house we rent out for the last 5 years, Gorrie ont. , has left recently, just googled his name now and found your site.

Wish I would have been pickier before renting to him and his now ex- wife Angela , from England.

He might be back in Kitchener, but hinted on going back out west. He is lazy, was working 1 or 2 days a week presure washing at a company in Breslau.

You are welcome to contact me.


Kurt Phillips said...

Would love to get in contact with you. Send us a message via email and we'll get back to you asap.