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Thursday, October 06, 2011

October Bits and Bites: Goudreau, Ontario Election, Ed Kennedy and Blood & Honour

We received a bit of fan mail regarding one of our recent article that dealt with the sentencing of two men involved in a mini hate crime spree in Edmonton earlier this year:

Great intel guys. Kyle wasn't even there that night. You think you're so fucking smart because you pulled the picture off of Kyle's facebook photos. Nice try, who's the bonehead now? 

Oh you! Of course you're right. At the time these boneheads were engaging in behavior that would end getting them sentenced to a lengthy stay in jail, McKee was (for not even the first time) a guest of the Canadian judicial system, at taxpayer's expense. The reason why the photo was used in the article is twofold:

1. The boneheads sentenced were advocating on behalf of Blood & Honour and the march that some of those in the photo helped to organize.

2. You do realize we are spinning a narrative, right? Really, any time we have an opportunity to link Paulie to a gang of violent thugs, we're going to take it.

Sadly, and we did know this would happen, the use of the photo caused McKee to tighten up his Facebook access again. We had considered sitting on the photo for longer, but we decided, what the hell? Besides, McKee will mess up again and we are very patient.

UPDATE 1: A follow-up message was left by our fan:

Are you guys retarded? I was commenting on the photo that you have labeled as "Kyle McKee and other members/associates of Blood & Honour in Calgary" ya he wasn't even there! nice try 

You mean this photo. The one where McKee is clearly in the back row?

Just because the faces have been blurred doesn't mean that we can't identify you people.

In other "news" we have a bit of a follow-up on the most recent Goudreau meltdowns:

Not surprisingly, many of the most embarrassing posts have been deleted, either by the moderators (though we have to ask where Dan Martin, a.k.a. "OdinPatrick" has been lately; more on that another time) or presumably by the person who posted the message. or at least it has been made to look as such. Anyways, and lucky for us, things have continued to degrade (even John Marleau has jumped into the mix):

UPDATE 2: And here is one that hits them where it hurts. international street cred:

Really? Puddles knocked out Goudreau?

Normally we wouldn't believe that Mike Gaio could actually harm anyone without a lot of help, but we're willing to believe it in this case, though given this message, whatever animosity that might have existed appears to be a non-issue now:

UPDATE 3 (October 7): Looks like the folks at Stormfront decided that it was best to move the discussion to another location. One where no one could see it. 

Better late than never. Actually, no. They already managed to completely humiliate themselves so why bother moving it?

Oh, but we aren't done with Goudreau. This morning he was encouraging his Facebook fans to exercise their civic duty and vote for the party he feels best represents the interests of, "White Nationalists":

The election results are in, and the Liberal Party has been elected to it's third term in government in Ontario (question now is if it will be a minority or a razor-thin majority). Not long ago, it seems that the election was the Conservatives to lose. But then they got all teapartyish and their electability dropped like a stone.

Which, in the minds of our friends and loyal readers at Free Dominion, means that the Conservatives were not extreme enough:

Normally we would presume someone making such a statement wasn't being literal, but then we are writing about Ed Kennedy, so all bets are off.

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Anonymous said...

Are you guys retarded? I was commenting on the photo that you have labeled as "Kyle McKee and other members/associates of Blood & Honour in Calgary" ya he wasn't even there! nice try