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Monday, October 31, 2011

Because Given Today, It Just Feels Appropriate

Happy Halloween kids:


Anonymous said...

Aaaah Dead Snow. The finest zombie Nazi movie ever made.

Anonymous said...

Good flick!

Jonathan Besler said...

Natalie has broken up with Kyle and is starting a new life.

Nosferatu200 said...

So the quality of Kyle's writing will again resemble that of a six year old child in remedial English?

Interesting, though we aren't sure what this news has to do with zombie Nazis. And then there's the whole taking whatever you claim with a grain of salt. But we are nothing if not fair.

Of course if it is true, we would be more than pleased if Natalie decides to get in touch with us. You know, to clear up that dirty conscience of hers.

Anonymous said...

Sooooooo not true. Why were they together last night then? Great intel guys!

Jonathan Besler said...

You must meet some rather special 6 year olds; I'd rate Kyle's spelling at least as well as most high school grads these days. I suppose if I shared your grade-school maturity level I'd berate you for the rather ironic errors in your articles in return.

I would have taken the news with a grain of salt myself if I hadn't heard it direct, though I was surprised you hadn't heard it yet from that CI you brag about, and had an article up about it.

I don't know anything about a dirty conscience; I suppose she'll send some kind of statement.

Jonathan Besler said...

I should apologize for any undue offense to grade-schoolers for my last comment; I don't recall anyone teasing a student for poor spelling when I was in school and, given the current policy of "creative spelling", I suppose there will be no increase in such activity.

Nosferatu200 said...

Considering Kyle is, what? 25? We're not sure we would aspire to spell at a high school level (but really, have you actually read his work before proof reading?). And you shouldn't mistake "berating" for "mocking."

We're also very well aware of the occasional spelling error in our work. We welcome correction. That, and as we don't claim to be members of a superior "master" race, we give ourselves a little more leeway. ;)

This might come as a shock to you, but after seeing the stills from McKee's sex video, we have had absolutely no interest in his love life. Besides, we knew it wouldn't last. She's far too old for his tastes.

Jonathan Besler said...

Mock, tease, bully, infantile; certainly not characteristics of the sort of person I aspire to be.
This may come as a shock to you, but I never considered the railings of "Untermench" by those like you to be anything more than projection.

Nosferatu200 said...

"Bully" you say?

"Railings" you say?

Right. Try to intimidate the cops. How'd that work out?

We do love the impudent frustration you and your friends express in the video. Warms the cockles of our cold, cold hearts.

And in answer to the question you posed in the video, the answer is yes, we do. ;)

Jonathan Besler said...

LOL aww that's so cute of you. *pinches cheek*
Well looking back on it after recovering from the humiliation and physical and emotional pain of getting beat down for my impudence I figured it worked out pretty good...and the question was rhetorical, I already knew the answer on both your parts. I doubt he would have threatened to arrest me for "obstruction" if I tried to cross the line if he though otherwise of me.
Well I'm done with this conversation so TTFN.

Anonymous said...

Now, which is the greater irony?

To answer the question posed in the video: despite the fact that he apparently has a unique ability among boneheads to string a coherent sentence together... yes, they do think he's 'fucking stupid'. Although I must admit that such a judgment is based on their interactions with him, and not necessarily with any of the pseudo-intellectual ramblings he produces.

kyle mckee said...

so this is kyle and yes her prioritys changed and so did our relationship status! not sure what caused the change of heart but what ever! as far as clearing her conscience who knows maybe she will run around saying sorry to all the scumbags she has ever said a bad thing about but if you meen for her to snitch no matter what i think of her i don't think she is that dumb! lol and considering the things the left has tryed to do such as flyering her school i wouldn't hold your breath for a kind word from her!

Nosferatu200 said...

NOTE TO READERS: We didn't alter Kyle's message in any way which, given the preceding exchange with Besler, is funny as hell.

No, no, we don't expect a kind word, though we at ARC were not the ones who posted the flyers (the revised flyers that were posted we fully supported though). But if she were to send us a note wanting to make amends for the damages she was a party to, well, we wouldn't refuse to speak with her. We're also very discrete; you have no idea how many of your former associates (and current associates for that matter) are in touch with us. People you would least expect in many cases. We don't expect that to happen though, but that is neither here nor there. What we think is most important is that your ex move on with her life, become a productive member of society (because, and let's be honest, you sure as hell aren't) and forget that she was ever involved with you and organized racism.

As for being dumb, we never thought that she was. In fact, while we never thought her to be a brilliant woman, we did and do consider her to be very capable and quite bright, which of course always caused us to question why she would involve herself with an illiterate such as yourself who was clearly beneath her. But you go on to write, "i [sic] don't think she is that dumb" in a rather threatening manner. That says more about your own fears than it does about hers.

Anonymous said...

He totally spelled 'conscience' correctly. That's like whoa!

Nosferatu200 said...

We too were surprised. Our first thought was he was trying to spell conscious, but he did manage to get the right word this time.