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Thursday, October 27, 2011

CHRC Appeal on Tremaine Contempt Decision Successful

Back in November 2010, Terry Tremaine managed to avoid contempt charges due to his violation of the CHRT decision against him as a result of a technicality. That decision was appealed by the CHRC in December. Today, the Federal Court of Appeal overturned the Federal Court's original decision that Terry Tremaine was not in contempt of court for not removing postings and making new ones contrary to the CHRT order against him.  The case has now been returned it back to the Federal Court for sentencing.

The decision wasn't unanimous, but the reasons are provided in an additional document:


We await the temper tantrum from the usual suspects.

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Anonymous said...

Might be something worth posting, maybe some of the current idiots will read and see that there's always a way out, even after that long time and with idiotic tattoos: