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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

German ≠ Nazi

We sort of view Paulie as more of a clownish figure in the Canadian, "White Nationalist" movement, however we have German friends (and by this we mean both German-Canadian as well as Germans and Austrians) who are very frequently annoyed with him.

Mostly because of things like this:

As our German friends like to tell us and as most of our dear readers already know, German ≠ Nazi.

Except in Paulie World when he is trying to pander to the pro-Nazi crowd.

But let's look at this particular article in a little more detail. Does Pulitzer say that Germans should be murdered?

Uhm, no.

Pulitzer in fact suggests that members of the Nazi Party that profited from the war (industrialists) by using slave labour should be put on trial for war crimes. Which is what slave labor is. He suggests that members of the secret police who brutalized not only Jews and Slavs, but also dissident Germans (and even not dissident Germans; Nazis are a paranoid bunch) should be put on trial for crimes against humanity. He suggests that members of the SS who were involved in the mass murder of Jews, Roma, Slavs, German dissidents, Russian P.O.W.'s should be held accountable for the crimes they committed. You know, by being put on trial and evidence presented.

We're no fans of capital punishment, even when applied to Nazis and other fascists, but putting potential war criminals on trial and, if found guilty, putting those individuals to death, ain't genocide.

The irony is that while Paulie erroneously suggests bringing war criminals to justice is tantamount to  genocide, he, and his fellow travellers, continues to deny a real genocide that occurred during World War II.

But Paulie's histrionics does remind us of a part in one of our favorite movies.

If you have children in the room, or you're at work, you might not want to view this:

Don't mess with the Bear Jew.


Anonymous said...

Wish more people knew that German ≠ Nazi. It just shocks me how many times I am greeted in Canada with a Hitler Salute or "Heil Hitler" which isn't even meant to be funny but admiration for the industrial murder of Jews back then.

I am not responsible for what happened in Germany back then, but still I am always ashamed as if I was. It's a long way to show the rest of the world that my generation has learned from the historical mistakes and is striving for a better world.

But I walk it with confidence and won't give up hope that one day this ill ideology will be wept from the Earth and only exists in historic books as a warning to mankind.

Stephen Henry said...

I know that Germany today has come a very long way from the Nazi era, but I recently read about KKK ceremonies being held in Germany. I hope that the German Authorities clamp down hard on these kind of Hate groups. Freedom of expression does not equate freedom to disseminate Racist lies and garbage which slander and incite violence against non-whites. Germany like the US South with its past history should be especially vigilant, lest history repeats itself.