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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Rift Between the Lemire Family and Fromm over Money?

Perhaps we're reading a bit much into this.
Fromm and Lemire at the "George Orwell"
Awards the year Mark and Connie Fournier won.

NOTE: One of our faithful readers on Free
Dominion is stating that this was not from
that year the Fourniers received their award
and has accused us of "document tampering."

As it was Paulie who labelled the picture as such
originally, your argument is with him, not us.

That, and Harry Abrams has nothing to do with
this blog. But please, keep guessing.

Perhaps not.

Paul Fromm and Marc Lemire have a relationship that goes back to at least the mid 1990s when Lemire hosted Paulie's websites on his own Freedom-Site (along with other websites, including the Heritage Front which he would go on to lead, but we're going to touch on this issue again in later articles).

He has travelled with Fromm to events across Canada and has promoted Fromm's speeches and writing on the Heritage Front's magazine, "UpFront: Frontline" (including an article they appear to have co-written) and on the American-based hate site Stormfront. In turn, Paulie seems to have acted as a bit of a mentor to Lemire and has been spoken about his efforts to have Sec. 13 repealed.

They seemed pretty tight, but as Marc (trying to cultivate a degree of respectability) hasn't posted on Stormfront since 2009, we haven't heard anything about his take on their relationship.

On November 27, we wrote about Paulie's complaint that he wasn't being given the credit he (and his old friend Jeff Goodall) feels he deserves in what may very well be the repealing of Sec. 13 of the Human Rights Act by the Conservative party currently in power. As with many of Paulie's posts, he then goes on to make a financial appeal from the destitute "White" whom he claims to advocate for. We posted his Facebook update, but also posted the same message on Stormfront:


None of this was a surprise to us, but what came next sort of raised a few eyebrows.

A poster named "Kate" began a new topic. In it, she states she is a member of Marc Lemire's family (we might imagine his wife) and briefly writes about the financial hardships. However more significantly she also makes a pointed comment about those third parties claiming to raise money on the Lemire family's behalf:

In a follow-up to another post, she states:


We looked through the posts on Stormfront, and we couldn't find any recent appeals for money on behalf of Marc besides, Paulie's. Our readers will also not the proximity of Kate's post and Paulie's post:

So Stormfront user "Wilmot" notes that, while numerous requests for donations have been made over the years in other cases such as Lemire's, he (presuming "Wilmot" is a he) implies that the money may not have actually reached the individuals that the money was supposed to help.

Take a wild guess which Canadian Stormfront user makes the most requests for donations on Stormfront.

Don't think too hard; its a rhetorical question.

It might be interesting to note how many of those donations Paulie requests on behalf of a needy, "White Nationalist" make it to their intended recipients (he usually asks those donations be sent to CAFE, implying the money will then be sent to the person in need). Perhaps all the donations sent to CAFE are sent to the intended recipients?


Living the good life drinking a fine Merlot in rather upscale establishment

Taking riding lessons? How bourgeois
of you, Paulie.

Paulie vacationing in the Dominican Republic
Just a thought. Not trying to suggest anything improper. Just thinking out loud.

UPDATE 1: Paulie Made the same request on WhiteNewsNow.

Here is a response and his reply, both of which are also interesting but for different reasons:

UPDATE 2: Missed this earlier, but looks like Kate doesn't think anyone should be taking the credit for the possible repeal of Sec. 13 other than Marc and Barbara Kulaszka:


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That man can sure sit a horse. Such posture and refinement! Ok, I'm being sarcastic. Paul, your pictures make me giggle.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there also a rift between Fromm and the Zundels over money as well?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that more don't come forward, and speak up about these shady, sketchy doings; all because of the big propaganda machine that runs the "movement."

Anonymous said...
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