A second man is facing charges related to a 2009 attack in Vancouver, in which a sleeping Filipino man was set on fire.

Alastair Miller, 20, has been charged with aggravated assault, a week after similar charges were brought against Robertson de Chazal, 25, for the same incident.

The attack is alleged to have occurred after a 26-year-old Filipino man from New Westminster, B.C., who had been out drinking, decided to sleep on a couch on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver.

Witnesses reported seeing three men standing over the sleeping man and spraying some type of fluid, believed to be lighter fluid or a similar accelerant, on the victim before lighting him on fire, police said at the time.

De Chazal is also facing charges related to an assault on a black man. He is alleged to have carried out that attack with Shawn MacDonald, who was charged last week for assaults on a black man, a Hispanic man and an aboriginal woman.

Miller, de Chazal and Macdonald are all believed to have ties with an internationally recognized hate group known as Blood and Honour in British Columbia.