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Monday, December 26, 2011

Love Is Louder.... Than Free Dominion (We Know. We Took the Bait. Meh.)

Well, "Nosferatu" was a silent film, so strictly speaking Connie is correct:

A haunting musical score, however.

But if Ms. Fournier wishes to look for intolerant bullies, she might look think of taking the log out of her eye before looking for slivers in others:

These posts from Duane, Craig (who no longer posts at Free Dominion now) and Edward are a mere tiny sampling of the wit and wisdom that is Free Dominion, the home of "principled conservatism."

You folks at Free Dominion just give us sooo much to work with.

Here though is the psa Connie was referring to:

Later, "Peter" posted the following reply:

Interesting you should mention this, "Peter". In fact, there has been a significant concern that neo-Nazi and racist propaganda originating in North America and Europe has been used to further radicalize Islamic extremists, as discussed in this document which actually mentions Lemire:

In Britain, in 2000, the Muslim Brotherhood linked Muslim Association of Britain republished the Benjamin Franklin forgery The Jewish Threat on American Society, written by an American Nazi sympathiser in 1934 before he was detained by the American authorities for the duration of the War.34 The London based International Islamic Federation of Student Organisations republished the cover and part of the contents of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion on their website in 2003, which had been originally published by a US Christian Identity group.35

The real danger posed by extremist websites however, is not necessarily that they serve as repositories of inflammatory literature, but that they provide forums and chat rooms for visitors to organise attacks against their enemies.

Recent examples of far right propaganda intended to incite violence might include the posting of Craig Harrison, a neo-Nazi activist from Georgetown, Ontario. He posted calls for the extermination of ethnic minorities and religious groups to Yoderanium Productions, a neo-Nazi website. These were so bad that the Forum moderator replaced them with a warning that such comments were illegal. On other occasions he posted repeated calls for genocide to the website of Marc Lemire.36

And while hosting being hosted on Lemire's Freedom-Site, the Heritage Front had this to say about extremism within Islam:

But you're right. Neo-Nazi extremist rhetoric isn't a problem.

Nope, not all.


Anonymous said...

I would say you're twisting things around there, the anti-Semitic mood in the Islamic world is based more on long-term fascination with Hitler's "final solution" and yet they also dabble in holocaust denial so ... perhaps they want to set that record straight. But in the modern context, anti-Israel sentiment is greater on the political left than the right, and I believe you'll find that some of the strongest support for Hamas comes from Canadian progressives. But my viewpoint has always been equally anti-fascist and anti-communist. I think that places me in a different camp than various others in this debate (on both sides). -- Peter O'Donnell

Dr.Dawg said...

Good grief, what a bunch of sickos. I'd mercifully forgotten the squeaking, scuttling and gibbering that goes on over there.

Your plate #8 doesn't come up, btw, not that it matters.

Nosferatu200 said...

Peter: Perhaps we were a bit clumsy. The reference wasn't exclusively focused on your comment, but also the general attitude of the people who post on Free Dominion. Neo-Nazi propaganda is routinely dismissed as being the work of lone cranks who are not worthy of attention and we are accused of not focusing on the, "real problem" of extremism within Islam. The reality is that those same extremists have used the information disseminated by the likes of Ernst Zundel, David Duke and previous incarnations of Freedom-Site amongst others to further radicalize Muslim extremists.

And as for twisting things, it is really funny that you participate on a webforum the consistently twists our positions and views, yet you now complain about us twisting your views on a subject?

By the way, Edward Kennedy makes a number of assumptions concerning our membership regarding our understandings of violence. He should know that we have all very carefully considered the ramifications of what we do here. We all know the real dangers and have prepared ourselves. We are all willing to pay the price whatever that might be.

Ed Kennedy likes to talk about violence and how willing he is to use it against those he says threaten him. Fair enough, but he should also know that despite our desire to use our words, should we be threatened we would not hesitate to do what we need to do to protect ourselves.

Should Ed ever get his wish, and should he try to harm any one of our members, he would not enjoy the outcome of such an encounter.