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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Bits and Bites: Left Overs

On the eve of our fourth birthday, we thought we would post a few items that we never got the chance to use, but which we still think our readers might like to see.

Call it spring cleaning. In the fall. And it is going to be disjointed as hell.
We start with more of the infighting that is endemic amongst boneheads:

We had planned on using this Facebook post by Mr. Anderson when the boneheads in Edmonton were arrested last March when we identified the accused. Sadly, we never did get to it.

We had also planned on posting the following screen shots concerning the Wingrove article in the "Globe & Mail" but at the time decided posting yet another screen shot of Bill Noble crying persecution was getting a bit stale:

This also took place around the failed "White Pride" march of 2011. Not long after, "Max" who also attended the march posted a link concerning the failure. A who's who of past and present boneheads added their two cents:

Of significant interest was this part of the dialogue, likely referring back to the Wingrove article:

But according to Free Dominion, Marc was never a part of the Heritage Front. We are shocked!

Finally, back to Noble complaining about his failure as a man. Or the depiction of the march in the media. We often get the two things confused:

Yeah, this article sucks. Basically we had a bunch of old stuff collecting dust. Decided to dump it today.

We're allowed to phone it in once in a while, right?


Anonymous said...

Four years old already?! They grow up so fast!

Anonymous said...

Micki "Valkyrie" McDonnell is producing an "NS pin-up girl calendar" to raise profits to use towards local NS events & rallies.

Anonymous said...

That "can't believe my dog ate my bag of weed" comment just about made me pee my pants laughing.

Anyway, with your new photo-viewing layout it makes it so you can't zoom in on the pictures...there are a few of them where the print is too small to read. Maybe it's my lack of computer knowledge or something, but I just wanted to let you guys know.

Nosferatu200 said...

Yeah, not sure why that is.

If you click and drag the picture to the address (URL) bar, you can see the full sized picture.

Nosferatu200 said...

Anonymous 2: Uhm, will the pin-up calendar feature women who look like her? Because, well, we can't see it being a big seller if that was the case.

NomDeGuerre200 said...

Hey NS ladies, before you commit to being full-time baby makers might as well do your part and be jack-off material for your horny, unattractive male counterparts. I mean geez, it's the least you can do...

But I have to agree that this 'pin-up' project seems ill-conceived. Why pay for a calendar when bonehead boys can get Pictures of Sexy White Women Who Look Nothing Like the Ones in Our Movement on copious Stormfront threads, for free?

At least the latter allows them to keep the fantasy of Supreme Aryan Hotness alive.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Uhm yourself, Nosferatu200. They have to actually HAVE money to buy said calender in the first place; and well, since the majority of them sleep until the crack of 4pm and don't work, me thinks the proceeds of this pet project will be very minimal.

Nosferatu200 said...

Good point.