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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fromm Upset That He and His Friends Aren't Getting Any Credit

On November 26, Brian Storseth's private member's bill to repeal Sec. 13 from the Canadian Human Rights Act had it's second reading. Should the Conservatives all get behind Bill C-304, and there's no reason to think that they won't, it is perhaps likely that Sec. 13 is living on borrowed time.

One would think that people like Paulie would be jubilant, however such is not the case, for one reason, Sec. 319 in Criminal Code which deals with hate speech is still in place, which means that is their next target:

This might not be a surprise, but we do get a chuckle that Paulie's biggest complaint is that he and his fellow travellers aren't the one's being given the credit.

Who does he and his friends complain have been given the credit?

Paulie then adds his two cents, using this as yet another opportunity to beg for more money from those, "penniless people" whom he claims to represent:

We're sure that the money Paulie raises will be used to continue the battle:

Or perhaps not. Who knows?

But at least Paulie has the likes of these folks who's shoulders he can cry on:

Uhm, we're not quite certain what Sec. 13 would have to do with Andrew Beland being expelled given that he has never, to our knowledge, has a Sec. 13 complaint filed against him (if we're wrong, let us know where the documentation exists and we'll make the change). He might be mistaking violating school rules repeatedly, ethnic intimidation, and perhaps violence for a Sec. 13 issue, such is the intellectual capacity of those who follow Paulie.

Sec. 13 or no, we know that we aren't going anywhere. And we actually can see a silver lining should Sec. 13 be repealed. Right now Sec. 13 moderates some of the discussion boneheads engage in online. If that sense of moderation is removed, we'll here have the opportunity to show the world what these people really believe and would like to do should they get the opportunity. Then, Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code, if made more robust as promised by the Conservatives, will come into play more often.

As we wrote earlier, be careful what you wish for boneheads.

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