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Thursday, November 17, 2011

We Now Know Who the Guy in the Zundel Photo Is

Hey, remember this photo on the left? If you do, it's because it is one of the more common photos of Holocaust deniers Ernst Zundel found on the internet. In the photo Zundel appears with two individuals in semi-paramilitary uniforms who appear to be acting as bodyguards. At one point there was speculation that the one on the left hand side of the photo was Marc Lemire.

We have stated that the individual was not Lemire, unfortunately too many who had no idea what Lemire looked like bought into this erroneous claim and labelled it as Lemire acting as Zundel's body guard. This error has prompted some groups and individuals to claim that the entire discussion of Lemire's involvement in the racist movement was simply part of a smear campaign.

To be clear, Lemire did have a close relationship with Zundel and was a member (and later leader) of the Heritage Front, but the guy in the photo isn't Lemire.

Photo believed to have been taken
in 1992.
But who is the person pictured with Zundel? No one seems to have known who he was. Recently though a new friend who has intimate knowledge of the racist movement in Toronto in the early 1990s was able to identify the mystery man:

The person in the photo behind Zundel is named Mike [Geddick]. He lived in Brampton and started a small group of idiots (15 max) who paraded around in brown shirts and modelled themselves after Mussolini. He hated Burdi and considered himself a main rival to the COTC guys (lol). And everybody laughed behind his back.

PS Marc [Lemire] was kissing Grant [Bristow's] and Ernst's asses at the time. 

Consider this mystery, such as it was, solved.

More from our new friend later.


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Anonymous said...

And you say "boneheads" have bad spelling...... It is "now know" NOT "know know" LMAO

Nosferatu200 said...

Yep. We messed that up. Changed the title in mid thought but forgot to fix it when we published.

Fixed now, so thank you for catching that for us.

Then again, we are a little more forgiving of ourselves since we haven't declared ourselves to be members of the master race. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your Welcome :-P