Friday, June 05, 2009

So How's the Custody Hearing For 'Nazi Mom' and 'Nazi Dad' Going?

Well, we'd have to say poorly:

Daughter of accused white supremacists made racist remarks at age 4, aunt testified


Girl told police her parents praised Hitler for killing 'lots of people'

On June 1 'Nazi Mom' and Paul Fromm appeared on "The John Oakley Show," a Toronto call-in radio program. And both "Alice" and Fromm proceeded to shovel it as high as they could. To his credit, the host didn't seem to buy 'Nazi Mom's' claims. However, we have to say that we're concerned about Paulie. Listen to him speak. Now, we could be wrong, but it sounds as if he's either had a stroke or has taken up drinking.

Are you okay Paul? You don't need an intervention, do you?

UPDATE: This is why you can't have an intelligent conversation with a bonehead. The following was posted by "White Power Toronto":

Sup niggas?

Allow me to share with you a quote from one of your own blog postings:

"Now, we on the other hand have pretty darn good intel"

Let me ask you tools a question: if your "intel" is "pretty darn good", how come you don't know Nazi mom's real name? Also, what would you be willing to offer for her real name and photos of her?

You mean the photos we have of her and her now estranged husband at the March 21, 2008 Aryan Guard march in Calgary? Or her picture from the Blood and Honour Forums. Or the pictures from her Facebook account?

And you do know what a publication ban is, right?

In other words, we know both the names of 'Nazi Mom' and 'Nazi Dad.' We also know that you're a blithering idiot, but it's equally nice to know that you seem willing to sell out one of your own for the right price. Now that's the kind of unity we've come to expect and rely on in the "White Nationalist" movement.


Hoosbeen Farteen said...

Paul Fromm sounds like he has a cold. I'm disappointed that the show host didn't ask him about settling his account with Richard Warman.

"Alice" is typecast PERFECTLY for appearances on The Jerry Springer show and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

TorontoSHARP said...

Oh Toronto boneheads, you are more amusing than anything else.