Monday, June 01, 2009

Murder of American Abortion Provider Celebrated on Free Dominon Boards

Abortion providor Dr. George Tiller was murdered yesterday. The alleged murderer, 51 year old Scott Roeder, has links to both the Montana Freemen and to the Christian Identity movement.

While the murder of Dr. Tiller has been condemned by many, including numerous mainstream anti-abortion advocates, some who are opposed to reproductive rights have not only not condemned cold blooded murder, but have actually celebrated it. Among that group are some of the denizens of FreeDom with the shrillest voice and chief cheerleader being Edward Kennedy:

There's more, and much of it is worse than this. If you've the stomach, you can read the information directly from the FreeDom forum.

To be fair there are a few on this FreeDom thread who have condemned the murder (even some who oppose reproductive rights have voiced their disgust with the murder of Dr. Tiller) which has resulted in being subjected to the wrath of Kennedy and others who applaud the murder. But since Kennedy is a racist, misogynist kook, we wouldn't let that cause us to loose much sleep.

Interstingly, as of the writting of this article, the Fourniers have yet to jump into the fray. We're pretty sure that Mark and Connie are opposed to reproductive rights and we don't fault them if they hold that position even if most of us happen to disagree. What we're interested in is if they want their website to continue to be used as a forum for extremist views like that which Mr. Kennedy, Yoda and others adhere to.


little kettlehead said...

All views should be permitted to have a forum, don'tcha think? Or don'tcha?

Kurt Phillips said...

Within reason. ;)