Monday, June 29, 2009

David Lindsay Fails. Again.

David, David, David........ aren't you tired of being laughed out of court yet?

Some of our dear readers may be aware that Richard Warman is suing David Icke and a number of bookstores that refused to stop distributing Icke's Children of the Matrix for libel as a result of false allegations contained in it. Tom Kennedy, formerly of Ottawa has helped organize Icke's visits to Ottawa in the past and sold the book online and refused to stop selling the book after he was issued a libel notice. He's been trying to have detaxer Dave Lindsay permitted to represent him in the libel suit. Problem is, the libel suit is in Ontario Superior Court and only the parties themselves or lawyers can appear (real court as the far-right and the Free Dominion denizens like to refer to it - which, while we think of it, would have meant that Paul Fromm and Alexan Kulbashian would not have been permitted to participate in the CHRT hearings they did so maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing after all...).

Mr. Warman’s legal team has consistently refused to have anything to do with Lindsay so Kennedy and Lindsay brought a motion seeking to have the court compel Warman’s attorneys to deal with Lindsay as Kennedy's agent in the libel suit.

Below is the decision from the Superior Court refusing the motion and awarding costs to Mr. Warman for it:

Note out of interest that Lindsay was involved in helping Paul Fromm in both the revocation of his teaching certificate by the Ontario College of Teachers and also the Warman v. Guille case. Eric Block, the lawyer at McCarthy who argued this motion was the main lawyer on the revocation of Fromm's teaching certificate.


Anonymous said...

Paul Fromm is such a putz!

Anonymous said...

i am becoming increasingly offended by the facebook pages of Kevin Goudreau and his most recent flame Donna Chinotto. They are calling themselves Eva and Adolf. Its disgusting and deplorable

Anonymous said...

I think Kevin Goudreau invents people to be his girlfriends... Donna Chinotto killed herself apparently from ontario can't find an obit anywhere...